Theresa May By Kuhlmann-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

Theresa May By Kuhlmann-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

In something akin to Sisyphus the cunning king of Corinth in Greek mythology who had to eternally push a rock up a hill, how much longer can Theresa May keep trying to push this corpse of a dead deal of hers up an ever steepening incline?


It is expected that after her defeat in the Commons yesterday, Theresa May will once again rack up the Brexit travel expenses by heading over to Brussels to try and salvage her deal.

And once there she will try to convince anyone who can be bothered to listen that she can still steer the Brussels authored Withdrawal Agreement through the House.

But as far as I can see, the only new thing she will be bringing to the table is a climb-down on demands for legally binding changes to the Irish backstop protocol part of the agreement.

Bloomberg reports that the PM is ready to compromise on this and that the EU could give her a separate document as an annex to the agreement that would expand on the backstop to include review clauses and a commitment to explore technological alternatives.

Bloomberg also said that:

"Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay told the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, during a private meeting Monday that the government is not pursuing a reopening of the withdrawal agreement."

Now, coming after previous talk from Theresa May about getting significant and legally binding changes to the backstop, this news will light the blue touch paper amongst Brexiteers.

And how on earth does our PM think that bringing back what is in effect just another assurance, will make her deal any more attractive to MPs, let alone the country?

And when will those MPs who support this so-called deal wake up and smell the coffee?!

The EU is hell-bent on keeping that backstop in place and there can only be one reason for that, which is because it is so good for them and so bad for us!

Any MP supporting and voting for this deal is asking us to believe that it is a good deal to be handing over £39 billion quid, control over the future of Northern Ireland, the keys to our security and defence while being forced into ever increasing servitude to Brussels.

These EU-Centric jokers that live a secure life inside that Westminster bubble are beyond contempt.

Now, while the PM pushes on with her deal, we hear that eight of those EU-Centric jokers of government ministers might resign unless the Prime Minister rules out a no deal Brexit, with some saying they'll go by the end of the month if no action is taken to stop the no deal possibility.

According to the Evening Standard, those that would resign include Amber Rudd, David Gauke, Greg Clark and David Lidington.

With other possibilities being Damian Hinds, David Mundell, Caroline Nokes, and Claire Perry.

While that other EU-centric joker, the chair of the Liaison and Health Select Committees, Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, restated on the BBC Politics Live show at lunchtime today that she would resign the party whip, if the delivery of a WTO exit became government policy.

In normal times I would say bring on a general election, but the thought that Jeremy Corbyn and his clowns might just get their sticky fingers on the levers of power fills me with equal dread to the current lot.

Never have the lyrics of the 1972 Stealers Wheel song, 'Stuck in the Middle with You', been so apt.

You know the line:

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right here I am,

"stuck in the middle with E.U.!"

Now there's a meme for you!

Now for something new. When the UK leaves the EU, the Eurocrats have so far decided that they won't recognise our stock exchange anymore because it is outside of their regulatory framework. They presumably therefore thought that the City would decamp into the EU tout suite taking all their profits and tax with them.

But, EU based asset fund managers are worried that they will end up being hamstrung by an uncompetitive EU market where the dual listing of shares is concerned as, after Brexit, they would not be allowed to trade them in London.

But instead of pulling the trade into the bloc, the FT reports that EU fund managers are saying that it would instead be better for them to move the whole show out of the EU and into the City of London.

And the German Investment Funds Association, or BVI, said:

"Without equivalence granted to UK trading venues, we see the real possibility of EU27 fund managers locating operations in the future in the UK."

Oh dear! That's gone a bit off of the Remainer script, hasn't it?

And in another piece of good news, the UK and US have struck a post Brexit deal that replicates the current deal we have with the US as part of the EU, with the International Trade Secretary saying that it will allow us to keep trading as freely as we do today.

Now, I will point out that it is not a free trade deal it's more of a continuity thing, but it is extremely handy for a no deal Brexit scenario!

And finally, just in case you haven't heard, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has called a snap general election for the 28th April because he can't get his budget through.

The trouble for him though, is that prominent people from the Catalan pro-independence campaign are currently on trial and Vox, a new right-wing nationalist party, has shot up to 9% in the polls.

Worth keeping an eye on this.

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