Let's get down to brass tacks here, the PM not only misled the people of the UK, she misled parliament, misled her ministers and was running a Brexit policy secret Star Chamber in the process.

Claims are now emerging via the press that Theresa May has been running a secret cloak and dagger operation to undermine Brexit.

This comes from a Telegraph report where the former Brexit minister, Steve Baker, says he recently quit his post after discovering that the PM had been running a secret 'establishment elite' to work towards a 'soft' style Brexit.

This must have made the work of the official Cabinet Office Europe unit effectively worthless.

It would also surely have annulled any talks that David Davis was having with the EU negotiators.

Further it also allowed Theresa May to mislead her own ministers and hardline Brexiteers to get the EU withdrawal Bill through parliament while happily getting ready to skewer them in the back.

So, while the public were told that an official minister and their team were negotiating Brexit and working to sort a deal out, the truth is that the PM was running a secret 'Star Chamber' to then bounce the results of that body on cabinet ministers at Chequers on a 'take it or go' basis. Basically degrading the whole concept of cabinet responsibility.

The real questions are though, how many of her other ministers knew about this and how much did Barnier & Co know?

And in the fight to keep her discredited deal together, the PM has written a piece for the Mail on Sunday where she says that we must seize her deal to secure a bright new future.

But the real phrase to catch in there, is that we need to keep our eyes on this prize because:

"If we don’t, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all."

I'll let you dwell for a moment on that sentence of hers.

She's not saying, if we don't get this deal then we will leave without a deal. No, what she's actually saying is, if we don't get this deal then we don't get Brexit! At all!

And be in no doubt those words are intended to mean exactly what they say. Prime Ministers do not write pieces for newspapers without considering the impact of every phrase, every word, every comma, every full stop and every apostrophe.

Some have seen this as some sort of threat, I'm not so sure, it may be a clear warning that this is the only type of deal, however trashy, that could make it through both Brussels and Westminster – although I think just about everyone would agree it would end up being further watered down in the process.

But David Davis, who has just quit as Brexit Secretary over this, has called her claims that this is the only alternative as 'astonishingly dishonest'. Writing in the Sunday Times David Davis said the UK government had blinked and that this plan would leave the UK's “fingers caught in this mangle” and parliamentary control over UK law more illusory than real.

Now, according to two recent polls the effect on the PM and the standing of her party has been immediate.

A Deltapoll survey for the Sun on Sunday shows that 62% of people want the PM to go now.

And the latest Opinium survey for the Observer shows that the Tories have dropped by six points to 36% and now trail Labour who are on 40 points, unchanged from last month. So although Labour benefits it has nothing to do with an increase in Labour Party popularity.

But UKIP has jumped from three percent to eight percent and that makes Gerard Batten's Party the real winner here.

James Dellingpole writes in the Spectator that the party is on the verge of a spectacular comeback and it's all down to Theresa May, in trading terms UKIP is a buy he says. And Paul Goodman in Conservative Home writes that May's Brexit Plan raises the 'kippers from the dead.

And the UKIP leader himself rubs salt into Tory wounds by Tweeting:

And to help pile the pressure on the PM, the man who took over David Cameron's Witney constituency seat, Robert Courts, has just Tweeted out:

And finally a bit more schadenfreude. The Telegraph reports that Airbus executives are fuming that after talking to government ministers and issuing a dire warning about shifting production out of the UK, their direct and bitter rival Boeing has been offered a £2 billion RAF contract – without a competition!

Well, that's what you get for trusting a Theresa May led Tory government I suppose.

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