Theresa May By Kuhlmann-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

Theresa May By Kuhlmann-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

With her MPs, her party, her party supporters and the country try at large wanting her gone, Theresa May ploughs on regardless.


The local elections saw the electorate reject the Tories and their leader, as droves of its local councillors lost their seats.

There is also a rising tide of discontent within the Tory party ranks that has her off to see the chairman of the Tory party 1922 backbench committee, Sir Graham Brady, to talk about setting a date for her resignation.

And we are also being told about an 'emergency meeting' of Tory Party activists on the 15th of June to debate on whether or not they need a new leader.

Bloomberg reports that:

"Andrew Sharpe, chairman of the Conservative National Convention, set the date in a letter to members, which also set out the petition he received from 65 local Conservative association chairmen calling for Theresa May to resign.

"A debate and vote on May’s leadership will be the only item on the agenda at the meeting."

Well, I'll help them out a bit here and save them some money – yes you do need a new leader and it's your MPs that should be stepping up to the mark by changing the vote of no confidence rules in the 1922 Committee rules and getting on with ditching her. But they're not! And that's why you will be wiped out at the next general election.

But doubtless, given Theresa May's previous track record, all this will fall on deaf ears as she single-mindedly continues her Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty plotting.

She seems intent on a sort of political scorched earth policy of leaving a trashed country and a trashed Tory party behind her while trying to drag the Labour Party into the blame region as well.

I do not wish Jeremy Corbyn or his Labour Party well at all, but have they not learnt from the days of the Tory / Lib Dem coalition that getting into bed with the Tories is like lying down in a nest of vipers – or worse?

But instead of recognising the real risk to the country and their own party, we now have the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, talking to BBC Radio 4 about this possible agreement between the Tories and Labour for a temporary customs union plan until the next general election.

Has anyone talked the the Eurocrats about this further injection of instability and uncertainty?

If not, then it's a non-starter isn't it?

Not only that, these ongoing talks between the Tories and Labour are only further enraging Brexiteers in both parties across the country.

Our MPs seem to be gleefully setting about the dismantling of the political structures of our country, from party to parliament.

We must stop them!

And finally, I'm going to blow my own trumpet a bit.

The Telegraph reports today that the government is expected to announce later this week that the cost of the EU elections will have risen massively to £156 million.

Now, this is something I found out a couple of weeks ago and I included it in a video I published on the 26th of April.

So much for the non-Mainstream Media being fake news eh?

I wonder when they'll also pick up on the fact that the order to hold these EU elections in the first place, was issued by the Cabinet Secretary, David Lidington, on Monday the 8th April, two days before Theresa May got on the aircraft to Brussels to negotiate the latest Article 50 extension. Something I mentioned in a video I published on the 13th April.

And I'll ask again, why did no press or politician mention this fact at the time?


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