Brexit Update: Friday 29th June 2018

Theresa May has urged EU leaders to put the safety of their citizens first, before thinking of kicking the UK out of intelligence information sharing policy agreements, reports the BBC. Speaking at a Brussels dinner last night she said that they should consider what was in the best interests of the safety of "your citizens and mine".

Speaking on Question Time last night, the Remain backing journalist Janet Street-Porter rejected a second referendum saying that democracy could not be run on a series of referendums. But she then lambasted Theresa May's lack of leadership and inability to reach a conclusion in the negotiations.

Theresa May is ambushed in Brussels – by the Belgian Prime Minister giving her a Belgium team shirt prior to the England v Belgium world cup match last night (see video).

The Brexit Committee says that MPs should get at least five days to debate the Brexit deal reached between the EU and the UK prior to voting on it.

Ireland will not be preparing for a hard border said the taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Leo Varadkar, even in the face of a hard brexit.

In a joint letter to the Guardian, Female parliamentarians, businesswomen and campaigners say that women's rights are at risk after Brexit. Why is it that EU lovers think that the people of the UK are so savage that they will sweep away all rights – even to their own detriment?

But here we have Swedish MEP Peter Lundgren saying that Britain is a beacon of light to all Eurosceptics.

Writing in CapX, Srini Rangan says that a Brexit UK can show the world the path to prosperity.

Tory billionair donor Lord Ashcroft says businesses should set a base in Malta so that they can trade easily with the EU during any period of uncertainty caused by Brexit.

This is a 'high stakes' EU summit (see video).

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