Theresa May By Kuhlmann-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

Theresa May By Kuhlmann-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

The Prime Minister, Theresa May has been warned over the lack of progress regarding Brexit, reports the BBC. She is due to meet the leaders of the EU27 at a Brussels Summit before coming out with a White Paper in the coming days on how the government sees the UK/EU relationship developing going forward.

Ministers have helped the EU divide and rule the political class to put the EU on the front foot in the Brexit negotiations, says former Downing Street adviser, Nick Timothy. Basically what he's saying is we've given far too much and it's time to toughen up. He also says that the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, is the only minister prepared to take the EU on – preparations for a leadership bid maybe?

Philip Stephens makes the Tory case for a second EU referendum in the FT. He says that nothing from the past can now be undone, but that the people should be given a vote on staying in or leaving on the terms Brussels offers. Which of course would lead to the bloc offering the worst possible trade offer that the UK Remainers and EU can muster between them to try and lever us back in – and on effectively re-joining there would be all sorts of euro, Schengen and EU army strings attached anyway.

Theresa May has agreed to address EU members state leaders at a Brussels dinner tonight in order to give an overview of her Brexit intentions. Not sure if that will help settle worries much at the moment.

Brexit won't be the only topic on the table at the upcoming EU summit. In fact it may well slide down the scale of importance as the political impact of mass migration into the EU continues. While the UK leaves, some of the EU27 member states are already looking at how they can integrate further to address the mass migration issue by redistributing all-comers around the EU, but there are several of their fellow EU countries that want nothing to do with such a plan. Especially as one of the schemes to be discussed is the creation of centres in Northern Africa where people can apply for asylum, then be brought safely over to the EU by-passing people traffickers.

And what do the leaders of EU states want from the Brussels Summit? The BBC gives a break down here.

James Rogers in CapX asks some questions about UK defence and some of the challenges we now face with funding, our place in NATO and rumours that Theresa May is now questioning our status as a major military power. As we leave the EU we need to be bolstering up our defence capabilities, not just continuing to sign everything over the the EU!

And in the Spectator, Lucy Harris re-lives her experience with a pro-EU commuter who took offence at the anti-EU bag she was holding. She also tells us of the experiences of other Leavers such as teachers who have been openly vilified by their fellow educators and musicians being turned down for work. So, where is the 'tolerance' of the Remainers that they keep boasting about, while they call everyone else bigots?

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