That much awaited Chequers based White Paper cannot represent a true Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU, because true principled Brexiteers are rejecting it outright.

Just a short one tonight because, although I may not look it, I am still boiling with rage at Theresa May's Surrender Document!

As soon as you got the feedback that the likes of Anna Soubry, Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar were all smiling on the Prime Minister's Chequers based proposals, you knew that an anti-democratic stitch-up was on the way.

Especially when rumours abound that the PM's special Europe adviser, Olly Robbins, had been working on this proposal behind David Davis's back for months and that the PM herself had rushed the document over the Angela Merkel for her to peruse the deal prior to UK ministers being shown it at the Chequers confrontation.

In fact there are claims that Theresa May has told ministers this deal cannot now be changed because it has been cleared by Angela Merkel.

According to reports, when asked if if this so-called Brexit blueprint could be changed, the PM's response was:

No that’s not possible. Because I’ve already cleared the existing text with Mrs Merkel.

If these claims are true, then Theresa May's actions are unconstitutional and break all protocols. She must either resign or be removed immediately and only the now beleaguered Tory Party can force that.

But the PM won't be fooling anyone over her false deal anytime soon. Her own grassroots party members are turning against her and the real Brexiteers who are sticking to their principles are standing up to be counted.

For example, it is reported in that Brexiteer Owen Paterson had come out of the Commons chamber 'incandescent with rage' and 'physically shaking with anger' after questioning Dominic Raab, the now Brexit Gopher between Olly Robbins and Michel Barnier, about the proposed deal. Paterson made a statement saying that the White Paper was worse than expected and that we'd been lied to. "This has to be stopped" he said, adding that he would do everything in his power to stop it.

And UKIP leader Gerard Batten MEP, said on Twitter:

And that's them most sensible thing I've heard about this all day! Especially as the party has surged from three percent to six percent in the most recent YouGov poll!

And YouGov also puts Theresa May on her lowest ever approval rating, ever, of -37, mainly driven by Leave voters opinions. But Jeremy Corbyn fans have nothing to cheer about, because his rating is also falling and he sits at -30.

It's come to something when the two main party leaders don't have a positive score among them, doesn't it? In fact their scores are a joint woeful embarrassment aren't they?

And that much too polite Jacob Rees-Mogg is asking for Leavers across the country to join the Tories so as to shore up the Brexiteers in his party. I say Fat Chance because an uplift in Tory membership right now would be misconstrued and misreported as support for the May creature – as well as filling the rich-boys' and gals' party coffers with membership fee money.

No, they've lost the trust of just about all Brexiteers across the nation and could find themselves emulating the Lib Dems slide from popularity after deciding to ignore the wishes of their core vote.

If you want straight talking and straight delivery, you have to now support UKIP.

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