There are two important birthdays today.

Sesame Street, the US children’s show is 40 today and Wallace and Gromit celebrate their 20th year.

The lovable pair, Wallace and Gromit, were first seen this day on 1989 on a screen in Bristol. Wallace, the scatty cheese-loving inventor from wigan and his absurdly intelligent canine side-kick, Gromit, have appeared in 5 films. Their creator was also responsible for the memorable Creature Comforts.

The films, The Wrong Trousers, A Grand Day Out, A Close Shave, The Curse Of The Were Rabbit and A Matter Of Loaf And Death are all highly engaging pieces  made especially realistic with Peter Sallis’s voice over and Gromit’s facial gymnastics.

Sesame Street made its debut in 1969 and has featured such memorable characters as Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, the Cookie Monster and Elmo. It is in fact the longest running children's show in the US. Even Michelle Obama will take her place amongst the other celebrities that have appeared on the show when she appears on Nov 10th. One of its attractions is in the mildly educational stance it takes, which make it a popular choice for parents too.

Both have become somewhat of an icon in their own countries and have been successfully exported, gaining fans across the world from young and old alike. It is nice to see that there is always a place for good old fashioned wholesome content that you can sit and watch with their children and grandmother together and not squirm with embarrassment worrying what they are thinking.

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