That body of workers that needs so much protection according to the unions harbours 9,000 fat cats that are paid more than the PM. That means that 9,000 people on the public sector payroll earn over £142,500 a year, with 1,000 of them earning in excess of 200,000.

Another 38,000 earn over £100,000 a year.

According to research, the most comprehensive salary review ever, for BBC1's Panorama and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism the figures are far higher than previously thought.

The review included teachers, police, council officers and GPs. The NHS was found to have the most on the telephone number salaries, as one would expect with the number of highly qualified people that work within it. 10 GPs earned over £300,000 with one of them from the Hillingdon Primary Care Trust taking a cool £475,000. The best the teachers could come up with was one in Essex on £232,500 and Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson topped his profession with £240,489.

The highest paid was the BBC's director general on a basic of £668,000 plus extras which takes it to £838,000.

In the armed forces there are 832 people on more than £100,00 a year with 2,013in the judiciary on these six-figure salaries.

The director if the TaxPayers' Alliance, Matthew Sinclair, said “It is becoming increasingly clear that remuneration for senior staff has got out of hand and there needs to be restraint in order to get the country through a fiscal crisis without imposing an even greater burden on hard working taxpayers.

This is more timely research that follows on the heels of figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) last week showing that when all workers are taken into account the public sector comes off better when pensions are included.

This will be another piece of unwelcome information to the unions who are intent on fomenting co-ordinated strikes and civil unrest. A bit of a spanner in their works of trying to get the population behind the down-trodden public sector worker.


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