Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley

Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley
October 22nd, 2012
Author: Richard Henley Davis

Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley Arena this Saturday as he addresses the masses that once ridiculed him.

It was not long ago that David Icke could not walk down any street in Britain without someone making a rude and insulting remark against him thanks to the questionable treatment he received by television presenter Terry Wogan during his famous appearance on the Wogan show.

Move forward 21 years and the story could not be more different because David is now requires one of Britain's largest venues to accommodate  his ever growing audience.

Icke's fan base includes many well known academics and celebrities even though he would shy away from such recognition.

Whether you find his reasoning and research legitimate or not is irrelevant because he has successfully proved beyond doubt that his research must count for something when you consider the accuracy of his predictions made many years ago.

David predicted the current economic crisis, the attack on the World Trade Center and the exploits by individuals such as Jimmy Savile long before they became news and hit the headlines.

Therefore the question must be asked, what else is he right about? And that is the reason for Icke's second meteoric rise to fame, but this time not because people think he is mad but because the world he foresaw has begun materialise.

One would think the profit from his book sales should keep him in a luxuriant lifestyle yet he opts to live in a very humble flat on the Isle of Wight choosing to focus on his research as opposed to surrounding himself with the trappings of material wealth.

Yes, many people may walk straight out as soon as he starts talking about giant lizards ruling the world (which of course they did once upon a time back in the days of the dinosaurs) but when Icke's information is viewed as a composite whole as opposed to delving into the separate parts, you will find that he makes a fair argument.

The talk at Wembley will last for 9 hours as Icke takes the time to connect the dots of his research and his conclusions may be completely off the mark and lunacy but  he could be bang on the money, I mean this is the man who said years ago that Jimmy Savile was getting up to some very nasty things with teenage girls.

Icke however goes on to elaborate beyond the idea that Savile's perverse interests were limited to underage sex and rape but also necrophilia and in recent Youtube broadcasts he has cited this as another reason for Savile's choosing to be a voluntary hospital porter, which may have given him access to dead bodies.

And David's focus on Savile does not end there.

Icke has said that Sir Jimmy (who had very close relations with the British royal family) procured underage girls for sex with members of the rich, famous and powerful, so could this be the reason for his seeming immunity during his years as an active sex offender.

Who knows what the real truth is on this, but as more information comes to light about the alleged Jimmy Savile/BBC cover-up, the ridiculous is becoming more plausible than the facts presented by the establishment that tried to hide Savile's exploits.

The British people want to know who else is in on this giant child sex ring as well as establishing how far towards the top of the establishment it goes.

Expect more information like this during Icke's grand event on Saturday, which is the largest event of it's kind anywhere and will go down in the history books as a historic date.

David has asked that we keep an open mind towards what he has to say but first I would suggest we keep an open mind towards him.

If he is a lunatic then he is a very accurate and insightful one who has called it right more times than most of our social, economic and political commentators combined therefore he cannot and must not be ignored.

For me the annoying thing about Icke is I disagree with large swathes of his reasoning and research regarding the historical context of the main three monotheistic religions but I cannot deny that he is right on many other topics and that is why Icke has and always will infuriate persons such as myself who hold an opposing viewpoint.

David will speak at 10 am this Saturday at Wembley Arena with doors opening at 9:30 am

David Icke

David Icke by Stefano Maffei

Image by Stefano Maffei (David Icke) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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12 Responses to “Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley”

  1. Butterfly21 says:

    I have searched his doccumentaries along with Alex jones and loose change. its actually scary the way how these people are so acurate and get things spot on. Some of what Icke has said come up in indian mythology about the reptilian humans shapeshifting. the masonic lodge (white lodge) accessible to only the children of elite 33rd masonic rank. is situated in the himallayas (the place of the crown chakra of the planet). these people have knowledge of the spiritual world and could have stolen it during the britsh invasion in india which lasted over two centuries.

  2. Jo says:

    Great article.

  3. Andy says:

    I remember the BBC Wogan-Icke interview like it was yesterday. I remember being disappointed about the way the normally charming Wogan decided to do a hatchet job on the man. Everyone has the right to voice an opinion, no matter how seemingly outlandish, without such ridicule. It was bad enough having a hostile, materially minded audience, never mind Wogan piling in, all in front of millions of viewers. Icke was right all along, and has the last laugh now.

    All these smart alex pundits and clever dick academics with their mega research grants and mega salaries know nothing of value at the end of the day.

  4. Matt says:

    Indeed. Great article. Thank you for your intelligent observations.

  5. kerry bird says:

    I have great admiration for David Icke.

    He tells it how it is and can be.

    Dance in the streets. Open your hearts make Peace.

  6. Sheila Raeburn says:

    I was at Wembley yesterday , still worn out by just watching and listening to David, I don't know where he got his energy and focus from, especially as he said he hadn't slept at all the night before. I am a follower and am slowly coming round to some of his more far out theories. What interested me was how 'mainstream' the audience was, good energy, all ages, at least where i was sitting and around the bars in the intervals. I suppose i expected more new-age people than there were there. I did notice though that 95%of the audience were white, wondered why. Glad i went, am still buzzing. S

    • Newagers are now turned off to his message…

      David started off new age have you read Love Changes Everything and Truth Vibrations?

      Due to immersing himself in the dark reality of our world and being the subject of unrelenting ridicule and abuse he has now changed and can come across as slightly angry.

      It was frustrating to hear him slag off religions last week because a lot of people use a religion as a framework to express their spirituality and that is a very good thing not a negative thing alsol he should stop disputing the existence of Christ.

      • Adam says:

        I fully agree with Fiona,

        For someone who preaches infinite love he doesn't practice it and as for him dissing Christianity he is a bit clueless.

        Should we blindly accept David Icke's evidence? or should we treat him as an orator of divine truth?

        I like David Icke but he uses the same ridicule against others that was once levied against him.

        Something doesn't feel right about him.

      • Something isnt right about David but only in the sense he has far too much responsibility and not enough support from people who can fully understand him.

        He urgently needs emotional and spiritual help/support.
        People need to pray for him and send him energy he looks exhausted and despairing- its causing a bitter cynicism to develop in him.

  7. Stu says:

    been there yesterday. Loved it. Really good presentation. The info about Saturn was all new to me. I even brought my boyfriend along with me and he is totally not into things that Icke says, but he found it interesting. I mean, you don't have to be conspiracy theorist to see that the things he talks about really make sense.

  8. Patrish says:

    I was there yesterday, it was one of the most interesting events I have ever been to.
    I would really like to thank David for all his work. I agree with Sheila about the audience, and I too am still buzzing

  9. Tony says:

    I have always liked the fella. He talks a lot of sense. I remember the interview with Wogan years ago and felt bad for David as he was crucified by that smarmy sod. He did get his revenge on Terry in the follow up a few years later..and Wogan was made to look the fool then.

    In regards to Icke often ridiculing against others, then I feel they deserve it.
    We ridicule historical leaders like Stalin and Hitler so why not the current bunch?

    I don't believe everything David says nor should you….but I will say, 90% of what he says is based on truth….which is approximately 91% more than what comes out of Cameron, Osborne and Cleggs mouths.