Today marks 90 days or exactly three months to the day that the UK finally exits the European Union.


It is now three months until Brexit Day and I've got to say the chances of our leaving with a full clean WTO exit are mounting little by little by the day.

I've outlined over the last couple of weeks how the Remainers will probably try and frustrate the democratic will of the majority of the UK electorate. But although much of it involves a certain amount of subterfuge with back room dealing and plotting, at the end of the day the Remainers in Westminster would eventually have to break cover and publicly vote for the destruction of democracy in the UK, thus exposing their true allegiance – which is to Brussels above all else! Would they dare do this?

But some of those we elect to represent us do believe that they are better than us so could well be tempted to go down this route, but many would not be so keen, unless they could hide their votes amongst a massive majority. But even then a huge number of them would be casting worried glances over their shoulders at the Leave majorities in their own constituencies.

And writing in the Times, former Tory MP Matthew Parris is urging MPs to, in his words, 'be brave and tell us we were wrong' to vote to Leave the EU.

And in a show of where he rates the ordinary voter as compared to the lofty elite he says:

"There are only a few weeks left now for the vast, sensible majority in the Commons to acknowledge that voters were wrong."

Is it any wonder that the UK electorate views politicians and their promises and manifestos with such contempt?

Moving on, here's a bit more evidence of why the BBC licence fee should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

The BBC has decided that because Gary Lineker commentates on sport and is not technically a BBC employee, he can spout off about his politics all he likes.

The BBC told the Express:

"Gary is not involved in any news or political output for the BBC and as such any expression of his personal political views does not affect the BBC’s impartiality."

Strange how so many of us think it does though, isn't it?

And I would would reckon that if lineker was a Brexiteer and made his views known in this way, he would have been taken off air at the first utterances.

Now, the leader of the European People's Party (EPP) in the EU Parliament, German MEP Manfred Weber, wants to replace Jean-Claude Juncker to become the next president of the EU Commission.

Well, if he does make it into the job we can all stand on the sidelines outside the EU and shout "who are you".

Anyway, Mr Weber also said that Brussels should have got involved in the UK referendum process by running a sort of 'stay with us' campaign.

He says that the EU made a mistake in staying silent over it.

We should have interfered during the Brexit campaign." He said.

We should have said to the British: Stay with us.

He does though now say it is too late for that and also that democracy must be respected.

But for an EU politician to say this sort of thing is a bit rich after the then UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, was basically shrugged off across the EU as he went round begging for morsels that he could tart up as EU reform to help sell the Remain message back home.

As far as I could see the EU establishment was quite content that the UK establishment had the referendum vote sewn up in an EU flag, so why bother themselves with the trivia of what the people of the UK wanted.

You never know, they may well have been lining up the demands for the UK to join the euro, Schengen and their EU army, as well as forego its budget rebate as soon as the promised Remain vote was secured.

In fact it wouldn't surprise me in the least if we find out later down the line, that in the run up to the vote, the likes of Adonis, Clarke, Clegg, Blair and Soubry etc were telling any contacts they had in the EU that there was absolutely no chance of a leave vote in the UK, so just carry on with the EU project regardless.

The sooner we have UK focussed politicians working for us, the better!

Finally, if you are not sure what you can do to help the Brexit cause then I would give you a couple of suggestions:

the first is to join, support and vote for the UK Independence Part (UKIP).

and the second is to use the Leave Means Leave e-mail template to contact your local MP.

I've left a link in the descriptions box below to the UKIP page where you can join for as little as £4 a month and also to the Leave Means Leave E-Mail template page.

With so much at stake in the next few months doing those two simple things would place yet more pressure on the government and all MPs to deliver a truly democratic full Brexit result.

So please do action these to day, it's cheap and easy to do, but most importantly it's extremely effective.

So, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for watching.


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