It's all too easy to forget offline marketing strategies

Thanks to the digital revolution, the world of marketing is run by online and digital strategies such as social media, blogging, and online advertisements. For many businesses, it makes more sense to funnel more money and effort into their digital and online marketing campaigns as this is where the most amount of new leads are generated and where the bigger target audiences can be found. However, it’s important not to forget offline marketing, which has been around for a lot longer and includes a number of tried and tested methods of generating interest and gaining new custom. If you’re looking to diversify your marketing campaign to include more offline strategies, here are some you shouldn’t ignore.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Setting up a booth at a trade show or exhibition is an excellent method of marketing your business which doesn’t involve using the internet. At a trade show, you will be able to showcase your brand and products to customers face to face and engage with them to encourage genuine interest and build your customer base. Trade shows attract people who are looking for a new product or service to buy, making them the perfect marketing platform to a willing audience who have money ready to spend. If you’re considering exhibiting at a trade show, see for more information on the perfect booth setup and design.

Business Cards

My New Business

Even in an age where marketing is ruled by email and social media, the humble business card can yield significant results. Business cards are still preferred by many customers and prospects, and these little slips of card have been known to help build and develop many small businesses. Many business owners prefer to hand out business cards as it’s a much more personal approach than any online marketing strategy. Customers who are given a business card accompanied with a friendly conversation and firm handshake are going to feel much more like the business has a personal interest in them and their needs than a customer who receives a generic marketing email. Business cards can be carried around at all time, as you never know when you’re going to meet a new prospect or potential customer.

Post Mailing Lists

In today’s digital age, receiving a letter through the post can be something of a novelty if it’s not a utility bill. This is why using a post mailing list to advertise your products and services to customers can work well. Whilst customers are used to receiving marketing emails or marketing updates on their social media page, sending a well-written and interesting letter to their home address can generate interest as it’s different and stands out. Post can be used for advertising new products or services, sending invitations to events, or simply engaging with your customers to ensure that they feel valued by your brand.

Which offline marketing methods have you found useful when running a business? We’d love to hear any tips you have for other business owners – just leave a response in the comments below!

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