The are three reports that completely destroy the Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal proposed by Theresa May.


There are at least three extremely damning reports circulating the web that show just how incredibly awful Theresa May's Chequers based Brexit In Name Only deal is.

There's a UKIP briefing paper, a report from the Tory European Research Group called 'Your Right to Know' and and a posting on the Spectator blog by Steerpike called 'The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal'.

All three are extremely scathing and show that the UK is on the verge of being sold out completely to Brussels.

The first line from Steerpike's piece in the Spectator should raise the hackles from the start:

"From the offset, we should note that this is an EU text, not a UK or international text. This has one source. The Brexit agreement is written in Brussels." It says.

The UKIP paper asks the basic questions right up front – can the UK claim to be an independent state if this transition period is likely to be permanent, the UK can't act in its own right in international organisations, has taxes and tariffs imposed on it, removes democratic representation, places the UK under the jurisdiction of a foreign court and also gives away control over our own armed forces?

And the answer is definitely no, as you read on and see how the PM's deal obviously works against the national interest on all those issues.

The ERG paper identifies what it calls five key 'issues', I would call it five key back-stabs of the country and its voters by its very own establishment, but the ERG is condemning its own party here, so politeness may be in order.

The five key ‘issues’ are:

1. We would hand over £39 billion of taxpayer’s money with nothing guaranteed in return.

2. The UK will remain a ‘rule taker’ over large areas of EU law.

3. There would be no exit from a ‘backstop’ Customs Union.

4. The Agreement creates internal borders within the UK as Northern Ireland becomes isolated from the rest of the UK.

5. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will remain in control of the agreement and large areas of EU law directly effective in the UK.

The European Research Group concluded that:

The combination of these measures means the United Kingdom will have not left the European Union but will instead be ‘half in and half out’. This will mean that we will become a ‘vassal state’ many of whose laws will have been created abroad and over which we have no influence. This is completely against the spirit of the 2016 referendum in which 17.4 million UK citizens voted to leave the European Union.

Now Theresa May in defence of this says that this agreement is not the final ongoing relationship, that this withdrawal agreement is just about getting us through the transition period, or what she calls the implementation period, and then out – and that we will be establishing the final ongoing relationship in the months after March the 29th next year until the end of the implementation period.

But if we can't leave the implementation or transition period without EU approval, then it does not matter what relationships we try to negotiate will it? Because they, the EU and our establishment, will always ensure the end relationship is worse than the transition in the full knowledge they have us locked down.

Should Theresa May's Brexit In Name Only deal get through, we will be firmly caged inside an EU cell with no way out. We will trapped in the foyer of the Hotel Brexifornia having signed a contract that only allows us to leave when the hotel staff have finished packing our bags and brought them down, taken years to clean our room to their satisfaction, located our car and brought it to the front entrance and finished writing up our ever increasing bill – and we will have to keep on paying all that they demand of us while we are stuck in that foyer.

Sounds like we're being taken for a right old ride, doesn't it?

The Tories are in turmoil over this because the bulk of its MPs want us in the EU and this is unlikely to change, if Labour got in they would end up in exactly the same state as the Tories for exactly the same reasons and the Lib Dems want us locked fully inside the EU anyway.

If you are looking for the one credible party that stands for a complete and unencumbered exit from the European Union, then vote for and support UKIP – a vote for the LibLabCon is a totally wasted vote that will lead to the destruction of the UK as an independent nation state.

And finally, for those interested in the UKIP and Tommy Robinson membership issue, the following release was issued by the Party's chairman, Kirstan Herriot:

"Today, the UKIP NEC were presented with a motion proposed by our Leader, Gerard Batten to consider a ballot to members to allow the membership of Tommy Robinson. The NEC voted to defer the motion in light of the recent Brexit negotiations.

"The NEC passed the following motion:

'As the focus of the Party must be on Brexit and as Brexit has this week reached a crucial juncture, any question of Tommy Robinson’s membership should he apply should be deferred to the first NEC meeting after 29th March 2019.'

"This motion was accepted by a majority vote and will be added to the agenda as described in the motion."

And I must say that is a sensible stance to take and one I thoroughly agree with.

So, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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