A team of physicists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have squashed every schoolboy’s dream and declared that time travel is impossible.

In work published in the US scientific journal Physical Review Letters they say that, as their research shows that photons cannot travel faster than light, then time travel is not possible.

This basically means they say that nothing can travel faster than light so Einstein’s ‘causality’ (an effect cannot occur before it cause) is confirmed.

I remember reading about people fearing that travelling in Stephenson’s rocket at 30mph would kill them by taking their breath away and that travelling to the moon was impossible.

But somehow or other we managed to overcome the proclamations of the experts. So there is ever hope that today’s ‘laws’ of physics become yesterday’s witch craft like beliefs.

One also doubts that this will do anything to quell the ever fertile imagination of the young and sci-fi writers alike. So there is still plenty of legs in the Doctor Who story. And I wonder how many of those researchers actually started out in physics on the back of works like HG Wells ‘The Time Machine’ and the time anomalies portrayed in programmes like ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Red Dwarf’?

This conclusion is also the best one for them to make. Because if they are wrong they can always go back in time and change the report! They could not do so if they said time travel was possible and it actually turned out not to be.

There is however one law in the universe that will never be broken. That is the law of ‘boom and bust’. After all, if Teflon Tony and Golden Brown couldn’t beat it then who can?

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