Rapper, Tinie Tempah does not feel Pippa Middleton's famous rear end meets his tastes.

As males around the world unite in their appreciation of the younger sister of Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge….you know she married that bloke who's granny has a nice big house in London), the Rapper from south London has spoken of his bewilderment at the attention being bestowed on Pippa's backside.

According to The Sun 22 year old Tinie Tempah said "I've not actually got what all the fuss is about. I prefer a bigger bum. I'm definitely a bum man but she's not doing it for me. Sorry Pippa"

But Tinie Tempah has expressed his deep admiration for the auto-tune and X Factor reject (from the judging panel that is), Cheryl Cole.

Tempah said "I fancy her, she's a good looking girl."

I am sure that your comments will cheer Cheryl up Mr Tempah…..

But die hard Pippa Bum fans still place their loyalties at her royalties.

For many people That Bum in That Dress overshadowed the Royal Wedding itself catapulting Pippa into the world's limelight and affording her the tittle of celebrity.

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