Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s planned trilogy of animated movies based on the comic strips of Belgian artist Georges Remi (who wrote under the name Herge), will kick off this autumn with The Secret of the Unicorn.

Les Aventures de Tintin was first published in 1929 and follows the escapades of a young reporter aided by his faithful terrier dog Snowy, as adventures ensure, Tintin gradually collects a team of fellow adventurers to assist him, including the cynical and always aggrieved Captain Haddock, the partly deaf Professor Calculus and the bumbling detective pairing of Thomson and Thompson.

Apparently this first animated feature is based around three classic adventures: Red Rackham’s Treasure, The Crab with the Golden Claws and The Secret of the Unicorn whilst featuring a script penned by current Dr Who scribe Steven Moffat.

As for the footage revealed in this teaser, the CGI and capture animation seems to have produced a living cartoon with some very realistic fluidity given to the characters, their movements and facial expressions whilst remaining true to the original illustrations contained in Herge’s yarns.

And we have Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis (now something of a pioneer in this field with his ongoing performance as Gollum in the Middle Earth adaptations) providing not only vocal skills but the physical acting movements which form the basis for the latter animation and Daniel Craig as the shadowy and villainously named Red Rackham.

So far so good and the trailer does hint of an old fashioned boy’s own adventure that should prove highly enjoyable if Spielberg and Co remain true to Herge’s vision.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn is released on 26th October 2011.

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