Experts behind the fight against cyber crime in Scotland have designed new humorous guidance cards to help increase basic awareness of cyber security across the country.

Highlighting the dangers of insecure passwords, mobile and Wi-Fi security, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) is offering up to 50 of the cards to companies for free to help in the battle again cyber crime.

The aim is to target smaller and start-up businesses which may have less pre-existing computer experience to make them aware of the small changes that can protect a business from hackers looking to steal vital information, which could lead to devastating financial or reputational damage.

Mandy Haeburn-Little, Director of the SBRC, said:

“We decided to create these cards with some basic tips to help protect businesses from potential cyber attacks. It’s the first time we’ve provided humorous cards like this and we hope that it will be an easy way for businesses to realise the small steps they can take to make a huge impact on their business.

“The cards have had really good feedback so far and anything we can do to help business be more aware is a bonus. They are designed specfically to be business card size so that businesses can hand them out to employees and contacts.

“Cyber criminals are targeting businesses with weak passwords and poor mobile and Wi-Fi security which is why the cards provide detailed information on how to tackle this growing problem through some simple and quick solutions.”

There are 4 different cards which cover the following areas:

• Using insecure open wifi

• Not sharing passwords

• Having different passwords for different items

• Trading safely on your mobile phone

Binary Data (PD)Some of the top tips on the cards include advising businesses to only connect to trusted Wi-Fi access points when in public, to change passwords every 90 days for all services, back up the date on mobile devices and ensure passwords are a minimum of eight characters using lower-case and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Mandy added: “It’s all about increasing people’s confidence in their ability to be more secure online in every aspect of our lives. More and more of us are working directly from our mobile phones and tablets and making these small changes can really make a difference to the levels of protection a business has and will make it much more difficult for cyber criminals to attack.

“We want to reinforce the message that prevention is the best solution and by using this information and guidance, businesses can protect help in the fight against potentially dangerous cyber attacks.”

The SBRC are offering the cards in quantities of 50 to business free of charge and will only charge a small amount for quantities of more than 50.

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