With National Small Business Week having finished in full bloom, we’ve compiled this article with some hints and tips to get you ahead with your small business venture.

Getting to Grips with Digital

One crucial thing to be aware of as a small business owner in 2015 is the often overwhelming and rapid pace technology that is evolving at – and the importance of keeping up with it in order to stay in the game.

In a recent study by ‘Constant Contact’ titled ‘What’s on the Mind of Small Business Owners? We asked. You answered.’ 49 per cent of small business owners admitted that they had struggled at some point with the sheer volume of technology involved.

It’s vital for potential small business owners to get to grips with the latest tech-trends and digital marketing techniques in order to entice new customers and gain the edge on competing small businesses. Here are some different areas of digital marketing to make sure you get savvy in:

Figure Out Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for communicating and sharing company updates with existing and potential clients as well as promoting brand awareness. Check out Mashable.com and see why these guys believe email marketing is the asset for all small businesses. Additionally they have a twitter page (@mashbusiness) full of helpful tips to get ahead in all aspects of digital.

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Understand Social Media

Social media outputs are the ultimate way to attract an audience and  are an essential technique in order to get customers talking about you. The bloggers at Direct Capital have kindly scribbled down a list of the top Twitter users for small business owners to follow, find it here.

Invest In Video

Video interaction has become favourable amongst small business owners – check out Vimeo, who have recently shared ‘Five Smart Ways to use Video for Your Small Business’ in order to engage people across the Internet.

Learn from those who have gone before you!

A top tip is to speak to those who have already succeeded in business endeavours; this is often indispensable. An article ‘What I Wish I Had Known…’ from the free business resource site, Business Takeaways, highlights several successful entrepreneurs expressing what they would have told their younger, greener, selves. Ranging from the founder of a menswear clothing brand to a gourmet food company, these ambitious individuals reveal all the highs, lows and hard-work that they encountered on the road to successful entrepreneurship. This can help you avoid the pit-falls and get ahead in the game.

Consider this ‘food for thought’

Though there is no formula that magically transforms you into a high flying entrepreneur, we hope that some of these tips will inspire you to make some tracks in your small business efforts. Often it is the simple combination of a passion and a hunger for those once in a lifetime opportunities to get your business thriving. Please leave a comment with your favourite small business techniques or tips!

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