People across the USA are all set to experience the rare total solar eclipse on the 21st of August 2017.

On that day, the sun would be disappearing behind the moon and transforming daylight into twilight. There would be a dramatic dip in temperatures and one would be witnessing huge light streamers streaking all across the sky around the shadow of the moon.

People are super excited about going to the path of the totality and witnessing the rare cosmic wonder from the centerline. Here are a few tips from expert sky watchers and professional astronomers to make the most of the upcoming total solar eclipse 2017.

Solar Eclipse (PD)

Take Leave from Work

This is going to be a phenomenal celestial event and it would be a good idea to put in a vacation day request at the earliest possible. Make the total solar eclipse viewing a truly memorable experience by finalizing a travel plan with your family and friends to the destination of your choice close to the line of totality.

Plan a Wonderful Weekend to Celebrate & Rejoice

The Great American Solar Eclipse is supposed to occur on a Monday. Hence, the places on the line of totality are planning great festivities and celebrations during the weekend. You could visit to find out details about the various celebrations lined up for the upcoming rare total solar eclipse in the USA. Learn about all the exotic towns and locations close to the line of totality and find out how each of them is planning to commemorate the occasion. Plan a weekend vacation at the solar eclipse hot-spots with your friends and family and enjoy the public speeches, fun-filled activities, music, etc. The point is to witness the total solar eclipse with some like-minded individuals.

Participate & Enjoy

You need to get involved if you want to enjoy the great celestial show to the fullest. If you are an astronomy enthusiast or a sky watcher who loves to do public service and enjoy cosmic events, you may opt for voluntary work. You could be volunteering with any company or group that is trying to organize a successful solar eclipse event, party, and celebrations. You could gain a lot of knowledge from the experience and make many new friends.

Do Not Miss Using the Sunscreen

In order to witness the total solar eclipse, you would be required to sit or even stand for hours at an end. You need protection from the harsh sun. Carry a straw-hat or an umbrella to escape the stifling heat. Remember to pack a sunscreen for complete skin protection.

Organize an Eclipse Party after It Is All Over

Once the total solar eclipse is all over, everyone would feel emotionally-charged up. This could be a great opportunity to organize a post solar eclipse party with family, friends and like-minded people.


You must keep these invaluable moments forever close to your heart. You must consider writing, voice recording, making a superlative video demonstrating your thoughts, cherished memories and overall total solar eclipse viewing impressions. A few years down the line, such a fabulous chronicle would help you relive the phenomenal event.

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Mandy Bular is a travel and lifestyle blogger. She enjoys writing about various places and topics and has recently taken a fascination with The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, the path of totality and how best to view it.

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