In the 21st century going vegetarian has never been easier but why bother going that extra step further to become vegan?

The prospect of chewing on a carrot for the rest of my life is about as attractive as Churchill in drag so why on earth would I want to become a vegan?

The vegetarian diet has a very varied menu to back it up that means you can stuff yourself with cheese, yogurt and all manner of creamy sauces to satisfy the gastronaut but the vegan diet just seems like one step too far from the rare bloody steak that I am used to so why would I choose to become vegan?

I could wheel out the pro meat scientists here and get their take on the health benefits of a balanced diet or the pro vegan scientists who would bore at length on the evils of eating animal produce so I think I will take a different angle for this article.

How do I feel when my diet is vegan and how do I feel when my diet is a balanced meat eating diet?

Well the answer all depends on my lifestyle at the time.

I love meat, I have my steak dripping with blood and I might use that blood as a sauce I love it so much but if I gorge on meat for too long I feel lethargic and no good to man nor beast so I tend to have a break away from meat once in a while and go vegetarian for a period,which seems to do the trick.


On a few occasions I have gone that extra step and gone vegan and there is a huge difference in how good I feel as a vegan as opposed to vegetarian. I feel cleaner and have more energy but the diet must end as soon as I embark on any training that involves weights.

Many vegan weightlifters (of which there are many) will disagree with this comment, but I am talking purely from personal experience and I am no authority on the the vegan diet and its ability to provide the levels of protein and amino acids required to sustain and build muscle when long periods of heavy weight training is part of the everyday regime.

When I am doing low impact exercise my body prefers the vegan diet and at 36 years of age I am thinking that my days of lifting heavy weights are over and I need to be taking more regular and gentle exercise as opposed to throwing huge lumps of Iron around a room.

I will conclude this rather boring article by appeasing both camps.

I believe the vegan diet is a healthier option but I also believe that we should gorge on meat and true organic dairy products once a month just give those amino acids and protein levels a boost.

At the end of the day there are many junk food vegan alternatives to meat that will make the transition to meat free less painful, but it is better to start as you mean to go on so I suggest that if you are to make the jump to vegan that you should familiarise yourself with as many vegan recipes as you can beforehand.

Mrs Davis and myself will both be turning the majority of our diet to vegan and will also enjoy that one day a week where we descend like vampires upon the local butchers and start eating meat at 9am Sunday morning with a fried breakfast followed by a cooked dinner with all the trimmings and a steak for the evening meal.

You may think this is an unhealthy diet for whatever reason but I really could not give a stuff because it works for me and mine.

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