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Tobias Mead proves that 'Britain's Got Talent'

Tobias Mead proves that 'Britain's Got Talent'
April 19th, 2010
Author: Richard Henley Davis

You may have seen some great dancers on the show over the years like Diversity and George Sampson but this man has a something special.

Yes its Britain's got talent time again when we all sit down as a family and watch bullying judges on the great box in the corner of the room and call it quality family time as our brains rot inside our skulls and melt out onto the sofa.

Well one of the contestants on the talent show certainly does have talent.

I actually enjoyed this bit of the show because this young man has come up with such fluid movements on stage that they actually have originality in them whilst warping time itself.

The man dances and time goes all strange.

Clever stuff indeed so I look forward to more of the same from this clever young man it's just the rest of this repulsive show that annoys me where you have a rude audience screaming "Off Off" when some poor swine is trying his best to perform whatever it his her or she is trying to perform.

It turns the nation into bullies and judges, even if a performer is awful he is doing something that obviously means a great deal to them to want to perform it publicly so jeering really should be banned and Simon Cowell should address this problem head on or else the show should be axed.

If this is how we are progressing as a society and if these values are regarded as 'Normal' then we have a problem.

Television has a responsibility to its viewers which make up our society.

I enjoyed the first two girls with their doing their own thing dancing with those tambourines that weren't tambourines and that chap who made exotic jungle animal noises whilst laying an egg.

Superb British eccentricity which is to be applauded for its rarity and not jeered.

Britain may have Talent but British Audiences haven't Got Manners.

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