You do have to wonder at the irony of the position that some Remainers are prepared to put themselves in, just to stop Brexit – don't you?


The Remain campaign is always lecturing Brexiteers on how xenophobic, bigoted, uneducated and narrow minded the whole concept of Brexit is, aren't they?

Endless claims of how tolerant and inclusive they are, while spouting that cure-all word 'progressive'.

But many of them are lying.

They are far from inclusive, tolerant and are very detached from being what they themselves claim is 'progressive'.

For a start they are completely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them over Brexit and indeed they positively exude hate for anyone who is to the right of Karl Marx.

But that aside they are now stooping even lower.

They are now beginning to coalesce around the Labour Party as the realisation dawns that maybe in a two party state the Momentum Corbyn crew are their only hope.

The Remainers who claim to be so tolerant are actually considering voting for Labour.

Those self proclaimed tolerant and inclusive Remainers would actually vote for a party that had the leaders of three major religious groups in the country feeling forced to make public their serious concerns over the Labour leadership.

Just to stop Brexit, these Remainers would be prepared to vote for a party whose leadership quite openly espouses support for our nation's enemies and refuses to condemn those that act violently towards us.

Those Remainers, who condemn independence seeking Brexiteers as hateful, divisive and bigoted, are gearing up to lie down with Corbyn and his Momentum fuelled brigade of far left communist apologists.

They are ready to put their crosses on the ballot paper in the box next to the name of a party that is supported by masked, left wing thugs who travel the land trying to shut down everyone else's free speech.

These Remainers would rather see a Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott powered economic and political melt-down, than accept the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

In their anti-democratic drive to kill off Brexit, these Remain campaigners are prepared to vote for a Labour Party whose practices go against just about everything the Remainers claim they stand for.

As the Sun said today:

"Remainers, sensing defeat, will vote tactically for whichever party can oust the Tory candidate. They will ignore the sickening racism, the lies, the terrorist friends and the economic lunacy of Corbyn’s Labour and back them anyway."

Even about 100 Labour party election candidates have not felt able to mention their grand leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in their election literature.

And former Labour minister and chair of Vote Leave, Gisela Stuart has come out and told people to vote for the Tories and not for Corbyn's Labour.

And she also said that she "will not vote for Jeremy Corbyn" and that Labour had "changed so dramatically, that many will feel as I do that they face a difficult choice, torn between loyalty to the Party and the best interests of the country as a whole".

As far as I'm concerned, any Remainers who vote for Labour to try and stop Brexit, are tolerating what they would otherwise call totally intolerable, just to serve their own selfish political interests.


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