At the moment it seems that Tony Blair is the only candidate for the job of EU president. His supporters, including our own Foreign Secretary, David Milliband, are now coming out in strength to market his case. This does all seem a bit previous though, as the presidency doesn't even have a job description yet!

David Milliband, has touted the case for Tony on the Andrew Marr show yesterday and in The Times today without actually naming him. On the Marr show he argued that Blair in Europe would be “very good for Britain as well as very good for Europe”. While in The Times he called for an increase in the size and scope of the EU and that the Union needed Britain to help it reform.

This may all be because Blair is the only EU politician who is widely recignised to the ordinary person on the street in all member states. This would possibly make him the most palatable for the first in post, so making it an established power base far easier.

I don't know about anyone else but I could think of nothing worse for the UK and Europe than Blair as EU president. He is more likely to reinforce the system and act towards a greater and more powerful EU without addressing the democratic deficit at the heart of this enterprise.

The EU juggernaut seems to be gathering pace, but it is leaving the ordinary European behind. We have people in high places deciding on putting people into high office without recourse to the ballot box.

You could argue that the UK head of state, the monarch, is unelected too. But in this case power is passed on to the UK government. What appears to be happening on the EU is a concerted effort to keep power away from elected representatives and onest it in a few 'carefully selected' appointees.

Labour politicians are going to be on the business end of a massive parliament clear out. I wonder if some see Blair as a route into the EU arena? After all, even Gordon Brown is said to support Tony for the Presidency.

And then there is always Cherie Blair, what would her hairdressing bill be this time?

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