Tony Blair recently hinted he is prepared to be the President of Europe and now he is making calls for such an all-encompassing  post to be made available.

The man who took Britain to war with two different countries in the middle east costing countless innocent lives on the basis of very dubious intelligence with questionable motives is not content with his ironic role of peace envoy to the middle east.

Now it seems Tony Blair has returned to the subject of the role as President of Europe and is touting the same fear mongering rhetoric he used to take Britain to war with Iraq.

This time he is citing the potential breakup of the European Union as the reason to create such an overarching position for the political conglomeration of European nation states, which can only be saved with an effective figurehead position created and legitimised by a democratic vote.

Blair sees further integration to facilitate stability in an uncertain political and economic environment as of paramount importance and believes the people of Europe might be a little disgruntled because there is little to no democratic accountability in the selection process of the technocrats that currently have political dominion in European politics.

On the latter part he is correct but the elephant in the room is who decides the candidates and how would Tony Blair's nomination be a democratic decision? I mean will this position be open to all and sundry? Or will we just have more of the same where former and present employees of investment banks like Goldman Sachs are undemocratically and strategically placed into positions of power?

After all Mr Blair has been on the payroll of JP Morgan.

Speaking exclusively to the Economic Voice, the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, commented: "Blair's transparent desire for the top job, any top job seeps through every phrase, every word of his Berlin speech. We should stuff our ears with wax rather than listen to his ambitions. But his analysis makes interesting reading. Like many of the great cheerleaders of the European Union project he is begging to recognise that the way in which it is configured is out of step with the times in which we live. Sadly whilst he begins to recognise some of the problems (whilst of course failing to take any responsibility himself)  his prescription is incomprehensible. He wants a two speed Europe, while maintaining a single speed of integration. The plans he has reveal the fundamental incompatibility between the ambitions of the European elite and realities of life in the European Union."

Tony Blair by Gary Barker (

Tony Blair by Gary Barker (

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