Tony Blair struts the world stage like Jimmy Savile on a visit to an orphanage in front of the world's cameras with the same level of impunity.

But in the real world where the rule of law is stacked against the have nots, working class British troops are arrested for the murder of working class Afghanistan fighters.

The troops may be guilty or innocent but the army arrested them for a reason whilst being more than aware of the repercussions within the army and the blow to the morale of the troops …. so what is going on here?

Either they are being made scapegoats, or they did something which was so hideous that even the army wanted nothing to do with it.

However we may never know the truth in this matter but we will be told a 'truth' when the findings are heard, which is the propagated idea that British troops are in Afghanistan to stop those evil Taliban, but this is a joke oft repeated and told as fact by the corporate media.

I am not saying the Taliban are the sort of people you want to baby sit your kids but the allied forces support the Northern Alliance, which is ideologically almost identical so you must ask yourself what is the agenda keeping British troops in Afghanistan?

Just follow the money, note that Tony Blair and George Bush have allegedly added millions to their personal wealth on the backs of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan through the procurement of oil contracts for oil companies.

But this cannot be true because the British and American people would surely be up in arms descending on London with pitchforks and Ipads should they think there was any truth in it.

In a world where justice applies to all, the police would arrest every politician who sent or signed their consent for troops to go overseas to murder for they did so thanks to basing their decision on false information at the behest of the banking cartels and multinational corporations that bankroll our politicians via backhanders and lobbyist groups.

But this will never happen because the police have their hands tied by old boy networks and the rule of law dictated by the financially influential so Tony Blair will always walk free and never face a court that is effective in presenting a fair trial against him.

Police investigations will be scuppered just as they were with Jimmy Savile.

Recent speculation has suggested Savile knew too much about the true extent of other senior members of the British establishment who partook in similar abusive practices as he did so Savile would never face prosecution, and the same goes for Tony Blair.

Teflon Tony knows too much as a key player in world politics and the finance structures to ever be thrown to the wolves but that does not change the facts and even if the judicial system will not judge him history will indeed pass judgement upon him and his term in office.

Have no doubt, someone will always be found guilty where there is injustice but it is invariably the wrong individual or collective that pays the price of the rich and powerful as is the case with these soldiers who are being arrested for the murder of an enemy combatant.

But if these men did indeed act outside of the moral framework which soldiers under pressure must try to maintain then does that make them guilty of murder as we know it and how much moral responsibility should be laid on the shoulders of front line troops fighting in a war with questionable moral foundation?

War brutalises men and always has but given the nature of this so called war on terror these arrests bring the whole morality of joining the forces in the 21st century into question.

None of the wars fought by allied forces post 9/11 have had any justification and, thanks to the internet, the individual soldier is now more exposed to social media and alternative media so is arguably much more informed than his predecessor and therefore has access to equally valid reports presenting information minus the influence of corporate media or 'intelligence'.

Therefore the soldier has the ability to discern right from wrong outside the proven lies/propaganda (i.e. the BBC being caught out), which the mainstream media will tell you and seeing as it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the corporate media/establishment lies to you then the decision to follow it regardless becomes an informed choice.

Any decent society would bring the troops home now for they are not out there fighting in my name nor in the name of the intelligent reasonable citizens of Britain.

Tony Blair by Gary Barker (

Tony Blair by Gary Barker (

However they may be over there in the name of a small minority of those that seek profit from death, the less well informed and those that simply wish to hate another culture or ethnic group for their differences.

Please do not tell me that our forces are embarked on a mission that automatically makes them heroes or that their daily mission is to help the people of Afghanistan and protect the United Kingdom even though it is dressed up as such.

Yes there cases of individual heroism in Afghanistan but why are we there? To stop terrorism when the British military is responsible for the deaths of more innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq than the combined attacks of 9/11 and 7/7?

In other words brave men and women are acting heroically in a theatre of  death, hate and deception and those that sent them there will never face the same tough decisions in live combat situations.

We should should not be shocked when men and women in brutal situations kill beyond that which is deemed tasteful for the British great unwashed but that does not mean the actions of our troops in such situations are acceptable if we are to pretend (and we are pretending) to hold the moral high ground.

So where is the line drawn and who gets to draw it?

In the mean time more innocent British troops and Afghans will lose their lives as those that profit from such wars will continue to pull the strings and tell us which side is right and which side is wrong.

The Industrial war complex must be fed and some will say that people like Tony Blair will continue to feed it as long as there is a possible pay check in it for them….but of course that is just hearsay.

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