The leading awarding and supervisory body for professional bookkeeping in the UK and Internationally, The International Association of Book-keepers offers the opportunity for individuals to build a successfully career in bookkeeping.

Whether you are fresh out of school, need a new career or have just started a business; the IAB offers a range of qualifications, courses and training for bookkeeping, payroll and accounting as well as giving businesses the opportunity to find highly qualified bookkeepers for their businesses easily and sufficiently.

Membership with the IAB enables bookkeepers to grow a professional career making individuals more attractive to potential employers in today’s competitive industry.

Distance learning is in growing demand with more and more people wanting to learn from the comfort of their own home or in their own time after their every day 9-5 jobs in order to launch a new career.

New parents for example may not want to go back to the same job making it the perfect opportunity to learn a new career from home, in their own time enabling parents to work around their new family whilst studying.

Bookkeepers are often self-employed making the industry appealing to a wide range of people simply because of the flexibility the job can bring and the control of how much income a bookkeeper wishes or requires making.

The infographic below provided by the IAB aims to outline the Top Reasons To Be A Bookkeeper.  For more information about IAB distance and home learning learning courses, visit the website (

Infographic is no longer available (

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