In the current economic climate, many are worried about re-sale value. Whether you’re up for a remodel or something a little less pricey, there are many steps you can take to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth when the time comes for you to move.

1. Additional bedrooms

If you are lucky enough to be in possession of an attic space or basement, use it. Additional rooms can make your property’s value soar. Why not add an extra bathroom or en suite?

Houses -

Houses –

2. Conservatory/sun room

The more rooms the better. Extending out onto your patio with a conservatory or sun room can boost your property’s value easily. Add some wicker chairs and a table to create a breakfast room.

3. Spruce up your kitchen

You don’t need to tear out your current cabinets – a repaint in neutral tones, some stylish new handles and tap fittings will quickly increase the value of your kitchen.

However, if you’re able to make the investment, putting in a new kitchen will significantly maximise your house value potential. New kitchens make your whole house seem fresh and updated, instantly adding to its worth.

4. A lick of paint

Fresh, neutral tones of paint in the living room, kitchen and bedroom will directly affect the perceived value of your home, making it look like new.

5. Open it up

If you have a small house, you may find that some rooms feel dark. Consider knocking down a wall to add a more open-plan feel; you could even combine kitchen and living areas.

6. Make it green

First impressions count for a lot, so utilise whatever space you have outside your house to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers by adding plants. If they don’t like it from the outside, they probably won’t want to see inside.

7. Pave it over

If you have a back garden or lawn space but no patio, adding one is a quick and cost-effective way of adding value. People love entertaining outside and it will add to the worth and potential of your house.

8. Let there be light

Create space in dark places by shining a light on it. A well-placed lamp or lighting fixture can increase the size of any room by lighting up otherwise dark corners. Ensure that every room is well lit to give the best possible impression.

9. Out with the old

Upgrade your boiler or radiators if they are old or in need of repair. Your house will look fresher and more modern and you save potential buyers unwanted hassle. You could even go environmentally friendly and install some solar panels, or get rid of the radiators altogether and go for heated flooring.

10. Standing steady

It can be easy to overlook once you get used to it, but frayed floors and uneven tiles are an immediate turn-off for potential buyers. It doesn’t cost much to take up carpets and either to install new ones or go for sleek wooden flooring. Either way, even if your house is in tip-top shape, unsightly or uncomfortable floors will diminish its value.

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