By Andrew Thompson

If the opportunity to grab a slice of the online transaction by taking advantage of the exponential growth of Internet consumption using mobiles is not sufficient for small and medium retailers to immediately make plans for app development, here are two more equally good reasons:

Staying Competitive

It is becoming quite common for users to take the help of smartphone apps of retail stores to know what's on the shelves and what's on offer so that they end up spending less in the store. Even when they are in the store, they take the assistance of the app to latch on to products of interest. Thus, in effect, they are combining the best of both the worlds; the ease of online browsing via the app and the assurance of being able to buy things of choice after touching and feeling them and even trying them on, especially in the case of apparel, jewelry, perfumes, etc. where it can be difficult to make a choice just with a product picture and a write-up.

As the CEO of a leading mobile app development company in Mumbai observes, in the contemporary business environment that is marked by intense competition and highly-fickle customers, mobile app deployment by retail businesses has been proven to be successful not only in driving online sales but also in encouraging customers to visit the physical store.

Mobile Apps (PD)

Boosting Brand Loyalty

One of the primary roles played by mobile apps of retail businesses is to enhance brand loyalty among customers. The techniques of doing this can be hugely varied, right from giving app-special offers that cannot be availed by other customers to giving special deals to lure customers into the store whenever they are close by with geotagging, and more. Many retail businesses offer a larger discount on purchases made on the app to popularize the downloading and installing of the app by customers. With the app residing on the customer's phone, focused target marketing can be engaged urging customers to use the app to an extent that it becomes a habit. With custom messaging being possible with the app, the retail business can structure offers especially for each customer based on their profiles and previous purchase behavior. This can give the customer a very tangible feeling of exclusivity that is liable to be rewarded with more transactions.



Even if you are an owner of a small retail business there are absolutely no issues of behaving in exactly the same manner as the big bosses of the sector. When you have an app and engage in effective app promotion activities, you are likely to have a good base of customers who are interested in your products. From there it is how you manage to stay relevant to the customers that will count the most. Mobile apps are perhaps the best technique to stay close to the customer for any potential conversion opportunity. With a mobile app in place on the customer's phone, you only have to knock to open up limitless marketing and CRM opportunities.

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