The Tories are preparing to face a difficult time at the local elections in May, with 'wipeout' being the predominant word used.


There will be local council elections across much of the country on the 2nd May this year and the PM, Theresa May, has been warned that her party will face annihilation at the ballot boxes if Brexit is not delivered as advertised on the 29th March.

There is fear that their voters will not turn out to support their councillor candidates or that, if they do turn out, they'll spoil their ballot papers or even cast a protest vote with another party.

This is a very likely outcome anyway, given the PM's handling of the exit process and the recent Ipsos MORI poll for the London Evening Standard that put her standing on -25%.

Normally this would give the Labour Party great hopes, but I'm not sure that Corbyn's lot will fare any better.

The party is filled up with those that want to Remain but a vast number of Labour supporters do want to Leave. Consequently, Corbyn has been trying to sit on the same fence as Theresa May, which has gone down badly with the whole lot. And his standing in that poll was -55%!

So I suspect Labour will face the same sorts of problems as the Tories in the May elections.

I bet the Reds and Blues are all desperate to get back to the old two party class war system, where the subject of Brexit doesn't keep surfacing at the worst possible time to give their boats a jolly good rocking.

This is where UKIP (UK Independence Party) members can help their party by putting themselves forward as local council candidates.

Having candidates is extremely important for the following reasons:

It gives all UKIP supporters a chance to cast a UKIP vote and the more votes we get, the higher our national vote share.

If we can field over 3,000 candidates UKIP has to be given press coverage.

It keeps UKIP in the national eye, which can only be a good thing.

Standing for election is not the daunting and onerous task that it is made out to be. Just talk to your local branch chairman. But do it early so that the party can do its bit.

You also do not need to go out canvassing and leafletting if you don't want to.

And should you be elected there is loads of help out there to get you started.

You do not need to be an expert in anything, just being an ordinary person with a bit of common sense is all that is required.

And, like me, you may have seen comments on the web after elections saying that people would have voted for UKIP, had there been a candidate. Let's give them that opportunity.

So, please contact your local branch and put your name forward.

Thank you for watching.


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