A fresh blow has been dealt to Gordon Brown and the Labour party after a poll for Reuters showed that the Conservatives are the political party 75% most likely to win the next General election.

The poll, which targeted 21 economic and financial analysts and 11 politics and academic risk specialists focusing on national politics, revealed the true position and ranking of the Conservative party in relation to other political parties in the UK.

Despite the Tories having no cast iron policies and a leader that does not yet inspire the nation to follow him, the poll believes that the Tories are most likely to win. This is backed up by a mound of statistics.

Well, let's be a bit more specific shall we. Cameron will win the next election unless one of two things happen:

  • The entire Labour cabinet suddenly sprouts angel's wings, flies to the Serpentine then walks on water across it, curing all illness and world poverty on the way.


  • Cameron and the shadow cabinet sprout vampire bat wings, large canine teeth and go around at night sucking the blood of babies on reality TV.

By saying there's a 75% chance of the Tories winning, they are saying there is a one in four chance of them losing. Really? There is also no mention of voter numbers. Cameron will get a good majority on a low turnout. He does not need to do anything other than keep his head down and keep the policy statements as small and far between as possible. He knows that when he gets in, the unpopularity is sure to follow as he presents the country with the reality of the economic position. I do not envy him that task.

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