The Conservative party is still riding high in the polls, benefiting from the Boris Brexit wave.


The latest Westminster Voting Intentions poll from YouGov still has the Tories enjoying a double digit lead over Labour.

YouGov conducted two polls in quick succession last week and the results are as follows:

The latest poll taken over the 28th and 29th of August is represented by the blue bars on this graph, and the earlier poll from the 27th and 28th of August is in green.

As you can see, although the Tories slipped a point, they are still 11% ahead of the Labour Party in second place, who have managed to maintain their 22%.

The Lib Dems in third have seen a bounce of four points from 17% to 21%, while The Brexit Party has dropped a point down to 12%.

The Greens have also dropped a point and are now at 7% and all the rest share out the remainder.

This will keep Boris Johnson and his Tory party happy and the Lib Dems will be pleased at their bit of a comeback.

But Jeremy Corbyn will not be happy with the Labour Party showing. And more importantly, nor will his supporters!

By now, with the Tories having been in power for nigh on a decade, Labour should be doing far better than this. And they should not have the Lib Dems snapping at their heels either. No wonder Corbyn sounds so desperate at the moment.

This will also be of concern to The Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, who is gearing up for a possible or even probable General Election in the very near future.

Farage's party, on 12%, would probably achieve a similar result to that achieved by his old party, UKIP, in 2015 when it returned one MP with 12.6% of the national vote. Unless he can come to some sort of pact with the Tories maybe.

Now the poll also asked another couple of questions, one was about a government of national unity for another general election, this came back with 41% supporting the idea but 43% opposing it.

Then respondents were asked whether the government should be forced to seek another Article 50 extension, those for the idea were 41% and those against 42%.

And here's another interesting couple of questions they were asked.

Firstly, did they believe that the politicians pushing for a no deal Brexit were acting democratically or not.

With the answers being 36% thought they were being democratic but 44% said they were not being democratic.

Now the same question was asked about the politicians working to stop a no deal. And 29% said they were acting democratically but 52% said they were not.

So, although people think Boris is being undemocratic, they do think he's being far more democratic than the Remain side.

And on the question of whether the UK will actually leave the EU on the 31st of October 2019, 51% of respondents said they believed we would leave on time, which is an increase of 5% on the previous poll. While 28% said we wouldn't, a decrease of 4%.

So it seems that the Boris Brexit 'do or die' message is getting through.

But is it just a message, or is it real?


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