The latest YouGov poll for the Times sees the Tories still holding top spot, while Labour slides into third behind the Lib Dems.


Just a quick update on some polling data you may have missed while the cameras followed Theresa May out and Boris Johnson in to Number Ten.

The latest polling from YouGov for The Times asked 1,715 people their intended Westminster Voting Intentions over yesterday and today.

The poll shows that the Tories are continuing to hold the top spot with 25% but that the Lib dems have gained three points on last week's 20% to overtake the Labour Party, which fell back two points to 19% and The Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage in fourth place also slipped a couple of points down to 17%.

YouGov WVI 24-07-19

And the Greens gained a point to get 9%.

And splitting down the choice of 'some other party', 4% of respondents went with the SNP, Plaid got one percent and UKIP got one percent while others got one percent between them.

There was also a supplementary question asking who would make the best Prime Minister between the new Tory leader and the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

Here Boris has gained four points on last week to stand at 38%, while Jeremy Corbyn is treading water with 20% of the vote.

Best PM 24-07-19

Now, this poll was conducted during the period when Boris became the new leader of the Tories and therefore the new Prime Minister of the UK.

But it was compiled before Boris gave his barnstorm of a speech this afternoon, which may actually gain more support for his party in the near term.

Nigel Farage has said that Boris Johnson can only win a general election for the Tories with the help of The Brexit Party.

And on these results he's spot on.

Looking at the hung parliament of 2017, the Tories got 42.4% of the vote and Labour got 40%.

So, with no party currently polling anywhere near those numbers it would take a coalition of some sort between two parties to form a government.

The Tories and The Brexit Party combined would make 42%.

But the Lib Dems and Labour together would also have 42%.

So, the kingmakers here could potentially be the Greens with their 9%.

But I have to say that any politician that helps force yet another election on the public may well find themselves on the receiving end of voters' frustrations and could see their support melt away.

Especially if the new PM is seen to be delivering on the promises he made today, of more police officers, better education funding, upgrading hospitals and sorting out the social care problems.

Remember, if he's delivering on issues that the electorate care about, it makes it extremely difficult for the opposition, doesn't it?


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