A YouGov poll of members of the Conservative and Unionist Party out today, shows that they would sacrifice the integrity of the UK to get free of the European Union.


YouGov says that a poll of 892 Tory party members shows that they would rather sacrifice the integrity of the UK, as well as the very existence of their own party, in the Brexit cause, but would rather reverse Brexit than see a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party government.

YouGov also says:

"A similar proportion (61%) would also be willing to countenance significant economic damage done to the British economy in order to leave the EU."

And here are the numbers:

YouGov Poll 18-06-19

63% would rather Brexit happened even if it meant Scotland leaving the UK, as opposed to 29% who would want to stop Brexit in this scenario.

61% of those asked would rather Brexit went ahead even if it cause significant damage to the UK economy, with only 29% against this.

And if it meant Northern Ireland leaving the UK to get Brexit, well 59% said this would be acceptable, whereas only 28% would want Brexit stopped to prevent it.

And 54% of them would be happy to see the Tory party itself destroyed to get Brexit with only 36% putting party ahead of Brexit.

The only thing they put before Brexit was preventing a Corbyn government. 51% said they would rather drop Brexit if that's what it took to keep Corbyn out of Number Ten, with only 39% saying they'd take Corbyn as long as it meant Brexit too.

And when it came to general elections, 58% said that leaving the EU without a deal would win them at least the next general election, while 62% said leaving with a deal would do the same.

And 87% said that holding a second referendum would lose them at least the next general election. And when broken down further, 20% said it would lose them the next general election, 36% said it would lose them multiple general elections and 31% said it would damage the Tories permanently and keep them out of power for ever.

And 51% said that if the Conservative Party reversed Brexit it would also finish the party for good.

And to reinforce this, The Brexit Party was seen as a big threat to the Tory Party by 67% of respondents.

Further, 46% of them would be quite happy to see Nigel Farage at the helm of the Conservative Party.

And something that has been apparent to many is noted by YouGov when it said:

"Just as Brexit has exposed new fault lines across British society the same is true of the Conservative membership. As many as half (51%) of Conservative members say they have more in common with supporters from other parties that share their Brexit stance than they do with fellow Conservatives who voted the other way in 2016."

I've left a link to the YouGov poll in the descriptions box below where there is a lot more of a breakdown than I've given you here.



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