House of Lords reform raised because of “political petulance rather than democratic principle”

The Conservative Party must end its infatuation with tax credit cuts rather than attempt to find loopholes in parliamentary procedure according to the Green Party peer, Baroness Jenny Jones of Moulsecoomb.

Jones is concerned that the Tory government will not heed the warning of the second chamber and will instead look at ways to reintroduce the same legislation after the government was defeated twice in the House of Lords on the issue on Monday (26 October) night.

Houses of Parliament (PD)

Baroness Jones said:

It’s not often the House of Lords hits the headlines for the right reasons.  I’m proud of what my colleagues and I in the upper chamber achieved last night in halting this pernicious piece of Tory legislation that would have had a profound impact across the UK.

“Just because you don’t like the answer you were given, doesn’t mean the government can now try and trick people by introducing the same legislation to the Lords again.

“The proposed changes to tax credits were another example of Tory economic illiteracy. The IFS, the nation’s leading independent economic analysts, advise that this cut would make 3.3 million families worse off by £1,300 per year on average. Of course, many families could lose even more.

“This policy will not make work pay. For millions of people, it will make work pay less.”

The Green Party actively campaigns for House of Lords reform and Baroness Jones believes the government’s new-found interest is out of “political petulance rather than democratic principle”

Baroness Jones added:

“While I’m glad that House of Lords reform has entered the minds’ of Osborne and Cameron, it’s unfortunate their reasons for doing so are out of political petulance rather than democratic principle. It would be ludicrous if they were to pack the chamber with more of their Tory pals rather than create an elected second chamber.

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