The Tory and Labour parties still seem worlds apart in their talks to come to a Brexit compromise.


Just a short video today as I lost my council seat at the count yesterday afternoon and it's a bank holiday weekend so I need a rest after all those foot-slogging leaflet deliveries.

I'm also not sure if I'll be doing a video tomorrow yet, I might just take a break for the day!

But rest assured I will be back on all cylinders as of Tuesday!

Now, media reports today suggest that all is not well in the negotiations between the Conservative Party and the Labour party on forging some sort of agreement over the EU/UK future relationship.

Details of their discussions found their way into the Sunday Times and the Labour shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, said that as a result he had lost all trust in Theresa May.

"We have maintained confidentiality as that is what we were asked to do." Said Mr McDonnell, "We haven't briefed the media.

"So it is disappointing the prime minister has broken that, and I think it is an act of bad faith.

"I fully understand now why she couldn't negotiate a decent deal with our European partners, if she behaves in this way."

But the new Tory International Development Secretary, Rory Stewart, told Sophy Ridge on Sunday that the two sides had very, very close positions on Brexit, so he thinks a deal could be done, but it all relied on the Labour Party leader really wanting a Brexit deal he said.

But the Telegraph is now saying that Theresa May is planning three major concession as a basis for a deal with Labour. So their positions can't be that close can they?

Two of these involve compromises on workers' rights and standards of goods alignment, which will be received warmly by the Labour side but will further enrage Brexiteers on her own side.

The third could be an offer of a customs union with the EU until the next general election, when both sides could then put their own ideas forward to the electorate for the future ongoing UK/EU relationship.

But I have to say, this all sounds so wooly to me.

For a start the European Union is never going to want to be involved in anything so nebulous and uncertain.

It's all just froth and nonsense.

The reality is that they are forging ahead towards the EU elections to get MEPs in place before working towards blowing the lid on yet another extension as the October the 31st Hallowe'en Article 50 extension deadline approaches, before lining us up for a total reversal of Brexit.

But as I've said before, they had to convince us that we should be involved in the EU elections – and they managed it by pretending it would only be for a few months, if at all and that they could be cancelled at the last moment. Which is of course total nonsense.

As far as I can see, the elections are running, they cannot be stopped and once we're represented in the EU the only problem the Remain establishment has is how to con us into believing that more extensions to the Article 50 process are needed, before springing the Remain trap shut.

Finally, I don't know how true this is, but there are claims on Twitter that the French media have been told to clear the airwaves for something at 7 pm tonight and this has led to speculation that Macron is about to bow out.

I find that hard to believe, as I find him too arrogant and sure of himself for that – more likely to be announcing a crackdown on yellow vest dissent.

We'll soon see.


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