Asset Match is the UK’s first online share trading platform for unlisted companies

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has announced Asset Match as the chosen facility for the trading of its shares. This unique service gives the club’s shareholders the ability to release their shares on a regulated and transparent trading platform, unlocking liquidity and increasing the club’s exposure to heightened investment potential.

The club’s listing on Asset Match marks one of many significant transactions to have occurred on the platform during 2016. Earlier in the year, Scottish craft beer company BrewDog recorded 600 successful shareholder transactions – from a pool of 1,200 participants – as part of its recent auction on the Asset Match platform. Adding to the list of successful placements, West Berkshire Brewery has also concluded a series of share placings on the platform to the value of £2 million.


Having held six online trading auctions for Tottenham Hotspur since March 2016, Asset Match’s official launch auction for the club will be held in December 2016. The club’s shares were initially transferred to a Match Bargaining Service from the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in January 2012, but issues surrounding the transparency and flexibility of share transactions meant that shareholders were unable to quickly unlock their liquidity.

Tottenham Hotspur has joined Asset Match’s industry first trading platform to support its shareholders by offering them access to a regulated, transparent and effective platform for fast and cost-effective share trading.

Stuart Lucas, Co-CEO of Asset Match, said:Asset Match is proud to welcome Tottenham Hotspur to our trading platform. The club’s diverse shareholder base makes them ideally placed for the Asset Match trading service, which caters to those private companies seeking to liquidise their shares.  Having already held six online auctions through the year, I look forward to seeing how the club’s unlocked shareholder liquidity will support the company’s future expansion.”

Tottenham Hotspur Operations and Finance Director Matthew Collecott said:When we came off the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) almost five years ago we put in place a Matched Bargain facility for shareholders. However, in reviewing their offering over their initial auctions we believe that the Asset Match share dealing facility is a better transaction platform and is authorised and regulated by the FCA. Since March, Asset Match has conducted six auctions in our shares and has provided a transparent and effective service for shareholders."

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