Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett will join Mayoral Candidate Chris Smith to launch ‘Give Green a Go’, the Greens’ manifesto for Tower Hamlets.

• Lutfur Rahman’s administration is holding back progress in Tower Hamlets

• Greens are the only real alternative to the ‘Neanderthal mainstream parties

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, will be on hand to help Chris Smith, Tower Hamlets’ Mayoral Candidate, unveil his manifesto on Brick Lane at 10.00 on April 4.

Smith’s manifesto covers three key areas – economy, equality and environment. Policies are designed to address urgent problems in the troubled borough including housing, air pollution and asylum seekers.


Smith said:

In light of continued allegations against the current Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfer Rahman and his administration it is clear that Greens are seriously needed on Tower Hamlets council to improve transparency, introduce innovative ideas and change the course of the debate on behalf of residents in the borough.

By James Cridland CC-BY-2.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

By James Cridland

Tower Hamlets council is one of the most bitterly divided in the UK. These divisions hold back progress in our borough. We desperately need 21st Century solutions to resolve the many challenges we face. Across the country people are seeing the Green Party as the only true alternative to the Neanderthal mainstream parties.

Chris Smith has a long association with the Greens and came third in the London Assembly elections, City & Easy constituency, in 2012. Policies such as the London Living Wage, Civil Partnerships and Cycle Hire scheme originated with Greens on the London Assembly. Greens actively pushed for the Low Emission Zone in London to reduce pollution and helped to bring in the 20mph speed limit in borough’s across London.

Image: By James Cridland [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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