This is a review by a father who took his family out to the cinema so don't expect any real details, just a parent's synopsis of a family film.

Over the past year I have been forced to rediscover Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on a daily basis thanks to my 2 and a half year old daughter's obsession with both films.

Considering the fact that I must have watched each film over 100 times and know all the words I still find myself watching the exploits of Woody and Buzz without too much pain because there is always something new you discover each time you watch them.

This is because they are very well made films not just technically but also in script.

There are plenty of films that appeal to both adults and children alike but very few that have as much depth as found in Toy Story and Toy Story 2.


My wife thought it would be a good idea if we took both of our youngest children to see Toy Story 3 and I must admit to a being little apprehensive taking the youngest to the cinema because she is not the quietest of children but she was very well behaved and only let out a couple of ear splitting screams whilst splattering me with ice cream.

Because my daughter is so young we decided not to see the 3D version of this film and I am glad we did not because I did not want to remember this film because of the 3D wow factor (I will take my wife to see it another time in 3D when my eldest is over to babysit).

It took my youngest about half an hour to understand that going to the cinema requires some sense of consideration for others and when Buzz made his first appearance on the big screen you would have sworn she was meeting him in real life.

I will never forget that look on her face, her eyes were open wide and jaw dropped and this high pitched noise came from her mouth slowly building  until it reached a crescendo that was so infectious that other toddlers decided to join in (actually I got caught up in the moment and joined in as well).

OK back to the film itself.

Expectations for Toy Story 3 were very high and the third and apparently final outing for Andy's toys had much to live up to. There were concerns that Lee Unkrich (even though he co-directed Toy Story 2) as sole director would not be able to deliver the same charm that the previous two films had in abundance.

These concerns were unnecessary because this film is in my mind the best of the three.

The humour is there, the belief in the characters (even though they are animated toys) is there, the story itself  was superb but the emotional content was cranked up two gears.

I was lost in this world of toys and the plight of Woody, Buzz and friends as they try to forge a new life after Andy (The toys' owner who has now grown up and leaving for college).

This film really is like the other films for one very important reason, like its predecessors Toy Story 3 has raised the game for CG animation and the guys at Pixar Animation Studios have set the benchmark for all new CG films.

The film deals with many themes and some of them seemed quite topical but I will not give away too much, to mention these themes would give away much of the plot.

I have read a few reviews where the reviewer has spoken of crying uncontrollably in the film and I can say that this is not an exaggeration but for once I did not cry and chewed the inside of my cheek and tongue  until they bled instead of walking out of the cinema with tear filled eyes (there were a few wobbly moments though when I thought I was going to howl and beat my fists into the floor in a complete bawling mess).

It is the darkest of the three films by far and I look forward to buying the Blu-Ray version when it comes out to discover all the subtle layers that I have found are only revealed when watching the other two films after numerous viewings and I have no reason not to think that this film will be intolerable on the 47th viewing.

I do hope that there is 4th film so that beautiful voice of Tom Hanks saying "Reach for the sky" will not become a distant memory and the characters of these great films will be forgotten and gather dust on the shelf with all the other videos, DVDs and Blu-Rays  just like Wheezy does in Toy Story 2.

So to end this I will say…….just go and see it no matter how old you are. My review does not do the film justice but no review can do this film justice, it is a wonderful experience and will have you on the edge of your seat……crying.

Well done all involved.

I give this film 15 out of 10.

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