Love him or loath him Eric Pickles has put the British way and traditions firmly on the political map.

Doing something that should have been done decades ago, the Local Government Secretary and MP for Brentwood and Ongar has urged local authorities to celebrate Christmas in the British Manner and to not kow-tow to the PC brigade.

Putting common sense at the head of the argument he has said that terms such as 'Winterval' should not be used as a tag for this festive season. Councils should he said take pride in Britain's traditions and Christian heritage.

Over the past few years there has been this insidious dilution of the British Christmas, with 'festive', 'winter' or 'celebrity' lights. As the Express points out, just last week Rochdale council kept the lights celebrating the Muslim Eid and Hindi Diwali up so they could be displayed at Christmas, even though Eid and Diwali have passed. I bet they never thought of hanging Christian symbols, Santas and Reindeer etc up during Eid and Diwali so as to 'include' Christians did they?

The founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness, John Midgely said “What a breath of fresh air from the minister, taking on all those who have been pushing political correctness over the years, … It is absolutely right in our country that Christmas should be celebrated and it does not cause offence to other religions. … This is a strong message for the dull bureaucrats who have tried to undermine our traditions.”

The Christmas period is a time for us to, celebrate Christ, review our Christian beliefs and help those less well off than us. It is also a way for councils to help their local businesses by drawing in shoppers by celebrating it for the vast majority of people in their area. In these economically difficult times it would also therefore be a good business move to give us a proper traditional British Christmas.

So let's deck the halls etc!

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