In what Tories are calling a 'car crash' of an interview, Tristram Hunt refuses nine times to say whether he would send his children to a school with non-QTS teachers.

New Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt, was embarrassed on Newsnight last night as he repeatedly failed to say whether he would be happy for his children to be taught by teachers without Qualified Teacher Status.

In an interview already being described as a 'mauling' and a 'car crash' Hunt refused to answer the question nine times, having said earlier in the week that he refused to rule out sending his children to private school. Only hours before his appearance on Newsnight, Tristram Hunt led Labour MPs through the voting lobbies in an attempt to deny state school pupils the chance of the brilliant teaching seen in private schools.

Speaking in the Commons debate yesterday, Michael Gove said:

'It is the same old Labour party—"Do as I say, not as I do"—a Labour party willing to pull up the ladder from the next generation, a Labour party that has benefited from all the advantages that money can buy and then, when the poor come knocking on the door, saying, "Liberate us from ignorance," says, "Sorry, no. We're with the unions. We are not on your side."'

Charlie Elphicke MP said:

'Tristram Hunt is looking to deny excellent teaching from thousands of ordinary children but when it comes to his own children he refuses to make the same pledge.

Says one thing but does another – this is the same old Labour party.'

Tristram Hunt MP SOTCTHMP

Tristram Hunt MP SOTCTHMP

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