Goldman Sachs’ dynamic strategy funds are now available to UK retail clients for the first time

True Potential Investments has today unveiled exclusive to True Potential new funds that bring Goldman Sachs’ dynamic strategy funds within the reach of UK retail investors for the first time.

The Goldman Sachs Multi-Asset Dynamic Strategy Portfolio (“GS Dynamic”) and the GSQuartix Multi-Asset Dynamic Protection Strategy Portfolio (“GS Protector”) are now exclusively available for purchase on the True Potential Wealth Platform. These funds are open to all 800-plus True Potential adviser firms and their clients.

Goldman Sachs’ proprietary dynamic asset allocation approach considers technical, macroeconomic and other information to rebalance the fund’s asset weights each month, based upon the asset allocation recommendations. The aim of the funds is to provide additional diversification to more traditional static funds, by investing in a diverse asset mix.

The GS Protector provides investors with the protection that on any given day, the net asset value of the relevant share class does not fall below 80% of the highest net asset value prior to that day, subject to Goldman Sachs credit risk. At the same time, the GS Protector aims to maximise potential returns.

Please remember that investments go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested, and there is a risk that you may lose your investment altogether.

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Mark Henderson, senior partner at True Potential Investments, said: “This is a significant addition to our platform and one which we are delighted to say is a first for UK retail investors. Through our collaboration with Goldman Sachs, we harness the global reach and expertise of Goldman Sachs, and can now give all our clients access to these innovative new funds.”

The True Potential group of companies, which includes True Potential Investments LLP, True Potential Wealth Management LLP and True Potential Adviser Services LLP, is one of the fastest-growing financial services organisations in the UK. You should seek independent advice before considering an investment.

This press release is deemed to be a financial promotion, prepared by True Potential Investments LLP.

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