Equinox Business Consulting and Switched On Brokers have announced a formal partnership.  The two companies have partnered to deliver their combined independent brokerage services to companies throughout the UK.

Switched On has been providing energy brokering services for 12 years and now runs a team of 60 brokers providing services to over 3,000 clients.  On average they find up to 20% savings. David Baker, Managing Director of the Sheffield-based firm said “We have been looking for almost three years for a suitable telecoms partner we could introduce with confidence to our clients.  Equinox was the first genuine broker we found that shared our values and ethics and whose advice was genuinely independent.  They do not push one particular supplier or technology unlike all the other companies we spoke with previously.”

Equinox was established five years ago to provide telecoms brokerage and consultancy services.  They have helped over 300 companies in that time to achieve both average savings of 30% and deploy new solutions.

Dave Millett, Managing Director of the Wandsworth-based Equinox said: “We have been a approached a number of times by energy brokers in the past.  However they all seem more interested in accessing our client base than creating a true partnership.  The Switched On Brokers approach is aligned to ours; helping customers make an informed decision rather telling them what is right for them.   The fact they offer their clients a choice of three providers over 1, 2 or 3 year deals means the client can choose what best suits their circumstances.”

The companies intend to work together to promote their joint services to both new and existing clients.   Both David’s agree that “It will give companies the opportunity to get genuine independent advice on two of the major cost areas after people and premises.  We look to a long term relationship and the benefits we can pass on to our customers.

With UK businesses spending around £30bn on telecoms and £600bn on energy each year, Equinox and Switched On expect to be able to help businesses save significant amounts off their overheads and increase their profitability.

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