U.S. Border Guards made an appearance at the Occupy Phoenix armed with AR-15 rifles to protect demonstrators' legitimate right to peaceful protest.

The privately funded volunteers fronted by Patrol Leader, JT Ready wore military style combat fatigues and stated that they were there to exercise their Second Amendment right so that protesters could exercise their First Amendment right.

JT also stated that there was a second reason for their heavily armed presence, which was to bring attention to the fact of the 60,000 dead in northern Mexico from guns provided by the American government.

The Arizona Border Rangers, also known as the Border Rangers is, according to JT, made up of war veterans from the Vietnam war and more recent Middle Eastern conflicts as well as ordinary members of the general public.

There have however been allegations and speculation that the Border rangers are actually part of the National Socialist extremist movement in America and could actually discredit the peaceful demonstrations by their presence through potential Neo-Nazi alignment.

It comes as no wonder that both right and left wing extremists will find their way to the Occupy demonstrations across the world seeing as militias will find more popular support at a time when suppression of free speech and legitimate protest by the authorities who are perceived as prioritising the corruption endemic within the global financial system.

Expect to see an increase in membership of extreme right and left wing extremist militia groups over the next couple of months as the crackdown on protesters intensified.

Is JT and his happy band of armed guards a Neo-Nazi militia ? In truth I have no idea….is their presence at peaceful demonstrations welcomed? At present I would say in the larger part probably not, but if police brutality morphs into something more sinister, I have a feeling we could see some strange bedfellows made.

Lets hope it never gets that far…..

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