America's Department of Homeland Security has found a new way to beat the increasing terrorist threat by scanning passers by to see if they are about to commit a crime.

Yes, that's right, before they commit the crime!

The new surveillance system will be fitted in airports, sports arenas, shopping malls, train stations and underground metro stations and can monitor subtle changes in human behaviour.

Eye movements such as the focus of a stare and heart rates can indicate future behaviour and be detected by this revolutionary behavioural monitoring and detection system.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the system currently has a 70% accuracy rate for detecting pre-crime, but tests are continuing to improve this level of accuracy until an acceptable error margin is achieved.

Terrorist and malignant  acts can be 'pre-detected' by the system which it is hoped may help eradicate the terrorist threat by 'pre-arresting' suspects.

No longer will there be any need for the controversial body searches because this ground breaking information will keep you and your family safe from all terrorist actions.

OK that's what the Department of Homeland Security would like you to think, but the reality may well be far from the official line.

Much concern over the pre-crime system has been aired by psychology experts and analysts who believe that the system is fundamentally flawed and could result in innocent people facing the type of interrogation reserved for terrorists. Like the up to 30% who would be currently 'pre-arrested'.

This move could see the rights of Americans eroded even further and if this system is implemented then it will be just a matter of time until it reaches across the globe. The next flight you catch to the 'land of the free' may mean you being monitored from the moment you enter the departure lounge, if not before.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Big Brother just had a steroid jab….

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