U2 will finally take to the Pyramid stage tonight as Glastonbury is rocked by the Irish band one year after they were forced to cancel their Glasto appearance after lead singer Bono hurt his back.

But it won't just be adoring U2 fans and festival party goers in the audience screaming at the band.

Protest and action group, Art Uncut are intending to put on a loud spectacle themselves at the U2 performance tonight with huge banners saying "Bono Pay Up" and other slogans.

'Why should Bono pay up?' you may ask.

Well, according to Art Uncut, U2 are not forthcoming with their intent to pay tax and instead chose to join in with the many other wealthy individuals worldwide in avoiding paying their fair share of the tax burden.

Art Uncut see this move by the Irish rockers as distasteful given the times we live in.

The public finances of Ireland and most other countries in Europe demand every taxable asset is taxed to avoid a breakdown in basic infrastructure and maintain jobs and services. This is the crux of Art Uncut's decision to protest at what they see as Bono's hypocritical rantings on world poverty.

According to Sky, Michael Eavis who is the founder of the Glastonbury festival held in Pilton, has made his feelings clear on the  protests by Art Uncut saying he thought that the protest against U2 is unfair because they regularly give very generous donations to charity.

There has been no formal response by U2 to the planned protest.

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