Another YouTube video of a UFO close to the sun has hit the 'net, making it the third of its kind in as many months.

The difference with this video is the mainstream press are all over it, so why?

Well the image of a craft hovering perilously close to the sun is quite extraordinary and not one which has as yet been debunked properly and in fact the circumstances surrounding the capture of the UFO images by NASA's SOHO  (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) are quite intriguing.

The video in question raises the point that, after the images of the UFO went viral across the internet, the space observatory went into emergency Sun reacquisition mode meaning the live video feed was turned off.

This YouTube video would normally be consigned to the 'conspiracy theory nut job' category but raises this very question about the timing of the shutting down of the live feed amidst numerous images being recorded of a UFO close to the sun.

The established scientific community's official debunking explanations for the previous two images of a UFO close to the sun (which includes an apparently cloaked  'death star' sucking energy from the sun) have not convinced ufologists.

Are we preparing for a first contact scenario or are these images explainable with a little rational thinking?

Judge for yourself.

UFO in Sun

UFO in Sun?-click to enlarge

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