Spectacular video footage of numerous UFOs flying over London has become an overnight sensation since it hit YouTube on Friday.

The footage was take in Great Portland Street, West London close to the home of Radio One and clearly shows passers by looking up to the skies and marvelling at the UFOs seen darting around.

There is also footage of a larger object that comes into shot which some people have hypothesised as being the mother craft of the other UFOs.

The question here is simple, is this footage fake or real?

Well if it is fake then its a damn good fake and the staging of other people in the street was fantastic to add realism to the footage.

But….if its not a fake and part of a massive increase in UFO activity being reported world wide then it means the conspiracy theorists/factualists will be divided to the intentions of the visitors from Cygnus Gamma Zog.

Are the little green men are about to reveal themselves with a big "Hi" and a cheesy grin or are they about to harvest our body parts to feed a hypothetical creature with a 70 foot brain….these are the questions which will be doing the rounds in the nuttiest of forums.

There is also the conspiracy theory that there will be a false flag fake alien invasion. This much blogged about fake invasion will serve to unite mankind in servitude to a New World Order who will do battle against the aliens etc….

No one (as yet) knows whether or not this latest piece of UFO footage is fake or real but at least it makes life interesting.

Personally I am hoping that the aliens are about to target the Radio One station with a surgical attack on the building disabling its ability to broadcast.

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