SME’s across the UK are jumping on an initiative launched by an impartial energy comparison service based in Bolton. Latching onto the fact that small to medium sized businesses are looking to improve their profitability, Love Energy Savings has laid down a challenge to see how much money can be generated via energy savings before the end of the financial year.

Offices at Night (PD)As the energy comparison site explains via their interactive infographic, gas and electricity is often something which is overlooked when businesses look to save cash but this can sometimes lead to four or five figure savings. Despite reports that Britain is coming out of recession, recent trends show that the recovery has slowed somewhat, meaning there may never have been a better time for businesses to streamline their finances and reducing monthly outgoings is surely a great way of doing just that.

Is Your Business Up For The Challenge?

Perhaps the best thing about this intriguing initiative from Love Energy Savings is that their team has done all the mathematics for businesses looking to find out just what they can save. In addition to this, there is a live counter on their infographic which lets business owners or financial directors know to the second, how much time they have to make their gas and electricity savings before the financial year ends.

Love Energy Savings is also quick to point out an interesting statistic from the Carbon Trust which indicates that a 20% decrease in energy consumption in the workplace can represent a 5% increase in sales. This surely makes switching to a cheaper energy supplier or tariff as soon as possible a big priority for UK businesses as well as upping their energy efficiency efforts.

Online Energy Quotes

Businesses can get an instant, free and impartial energy quote from Love Energy Savings instantly. Their onsite engine compares all of the cheapest providers instantly and businesses can then make an informed decision regarding which supplier they would like to use and their energy experts can also help with things such as energy efficiency.

There are now many smaller, independent energy suppliers on the market making the decision harder for SME’s in the United Kingdom. Although more choice is far better in terms of competition, it makes it somewhat of a minefield selecting the right supplier. The grip of the Big Six ha been loosening throughout 2014 and this is a trend that is set to continue going forward.

Click here to see an at a glance list of Love Energy Savings’ energy suppliers, which includes terms and the fuels they provide.

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