UKIP has condemned the use of police from the UK travelling to Romania to warn them not to come over to Britain unless they have a job to go to.

The Romanians are being warned that, without a means of supporting themselves, they risk being exploited or having to engage in criminal activity in order to live.

According to the BBC Chief Supt Usher, who wants to discourage Romanians from moving to Britain without guaranteed work, told a group of villagers: "If you come to the UK without a named job to go to, then you're at really increased risk of being exploited or being the victim or perpetrator of crime."

The UKIP Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall, has condemned this as a 'sorry state of affairs' saying:

UKIP Rosette"This 'Police mission' beggars belief and is a desperate measure motivated by a very real fear about the consequences of opening up our border to Romania on January 1st. It amounts to a massive waste of time and money. The criminals will come anyway.

"That our Police service is being used in this way last minute before the borders open, shows once again the lack of political leadership from this government. Frankly the only real solution is and has always been to take back control of our borders by leaving the EU.

"Sending our Police over to Romania to ask the people to not come and commit crime when we open our borders on January 1st demonstrates quite clearly the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in."

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