webexpenses open in Sydney, Australia,

Leading UK expense management provider, webexpenses, has opened its first international office in Sydney as part of its global expansion programme.

Through its presence in Australia, webexpenses will support existing clients in the region and grow its client base, enabling more businesses to access its software which promises a simple and effective cloud-based expense management solution. The system allows employees to upload expense claims anytime and anywhere and provides finance teams with a seamless and secure process.

Ryan Corlett, formally with Clemenger BBDO, has been appointed as General Manager of webexpenses’ operation in Australia and New Zealand. Ryan brings a wealth of commercial experience, a knowledge of the local market and a real desire to deliver a customer-centric experience. He said:

It’s great to join webexpenses at such an exciting time for the company. Webexpenses already serves businesses in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe – having a Sydney office means we can build on this and further our mission to make expenses simple.

Sydney (PD)

“We are very much a global company and the opening of our Sydney office recognises this. One of the most powerful things about our software is how flexible it is to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is completely compatible with expense processing in Australia and New Zealand.”

Webexpenses’ clients already in the region include Melbourne-based Gamma Solutions. Tracy Tucker, Financial Director of Gamma Solutions, said:

Webexpenses has dramatically improved the way we manage expense reimbursements for our employees. Claims are now processed within 24 hours of approval and paid within a few days. Accounts Payable is no longer bogged down by double handling and manual entry, all of which has resulted in much happier staff.

Webexpenses recently announced an exciting new partnership with New Zealand-based online accounting software provider Xero. The integration of webexpenses and Xero brings a seamless way to transfer expenses data into Xero to enable fast and efficient payment of employee expenses.

Following the opening of the Sydney office, webexpenses plans to open an office in Auckland. It offers all of its customers 24-hour support with global office hours.

For more information, visit www.webexpenses.com.

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