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Daily Brexit Update: Monday 6th August 2018

According to the former Brexit Secretary, David Davis, the UK is ready to leave the EU and go on to WTO terms.

Talking to the Telegraph he said:

"It's certainly not the intention of the EU to have a no-deal Brexit but they are misjudging us at the moment.

"The UK Parliament does not want no deal but it's certainly not going to be pushed around by the European Parliament."

And Gordon Rayner, the Telegraph's political editor, reports that UK ministers claim that the EU risks breaking its own laws if it does not compromise on Brexit.

Research Executive at Get Britain Out, Luke Watson,  says that the recent vote in Parliament to force the government to negotiate staying inside the European Medicines Agency regulatory framework will not only sabotage the Brexit process but also leave the UK in a weaker negotiating position.

One guest on the LBC Nigel Farage show yesterday morning, Tory MP Stewart Jackson, said that May's Chequers deal was very bad and the likelihood of leaving the EU on WTO terms was increasing:

Now we have more food scare-mongering. This one's about Australia planning to 'flood' post-Brexit UK with food that the EU bans. Now that will only happen, of course, if the UK lowers its own food standards. Do people think that the opposition and press will fail to keep us appraised if those nasty Tories do anything as despicable as that?

And Brexit Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg gives the governor of the Bank of England a roasting for his comments on Brexit last week that sent the pound tumbling:

And those that claim Brexit opinion has shifted are wrong (video):

And all the while UKIP is using its new found social media muscle to help plan how to get the Brexit message across as effectively as possible:

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